Download: Race entry ID tag, include this with your cars

redlinederby Monday, 8/19/2013
Site manager

To help make things easier for tournament hosts, please download, print and include an entry ID tag with your entries. 

Please link to this post or the PDF when you post a new mail-in tournament. And feel free to pass this along to anyone else that might be sending in cars to race. 


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EconoCarl 4/30/16

Brian, can this form be made so that it can be filled out before printing? We don't all write as pretty as you. :)

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redlinederby 4/3/18
Site manager

A friend at work helped create a fill-in version of the Entry ID form. You can open it with the link above, or you can still print out and fill one in by hand. (Thanks, Floris!)

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Fernandez 5/2/18

Where is the competition and where I send it the cars?

  • Check in the "races" section for news on upcoming races. — LeagueofSpeed
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Scottman27 8/9/18

Image on this download is way bigger than 8x11  sheet needs to be smaller.

  • Your printer should have options as to the paper size you wish to print. — LeagueofSpeed
  • I didn’t even switch my print size. I saw that they were huge, kind of laughed and printed it. I got 3 on each sheet. Just the right size. I printed many extras. I’m ready to see your guys tail lights! — Jav74
  • They are big...plenty of room for extra notes and sloppy handwriting ;) — redlinederby
  • i dont know my printer is set up for 8x11, and it says image is 16.7x 21 in.. for whatever reason on an 8x 11 sheet i get just a large part of this form. i dont know ive tried everthing. — Scottman27
  • The download is a PDF and should scale to however you choose to print it. It's not an image or photo. — redlinederby
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LeagueofSpeed 8/9/18
Event coordinator

Oh yeah, that's the standard print 3 per 8x11...good deal!!

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