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redlinederby Thursday, 7/29/2010
Site manager

I'm trying to lay out a somewhat regular schedule for v2 tournaments. Now that there are 3 parts to each tournament, it makes the management process a bit more complex and somewhat constant. I want to make things fair, fun and easy for all you players, but I have to keep in mind my time as well. So here's what I'm thinking...
I guess I'm not sure what a fair amount of time is for each stage?
Is 3 days enough time to enter cars? Is 3 days enough to submit brackets?
Do you want more time to submit brackets or enter cars?

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?


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markkaz 7/29/10

Personally, having races once a week is enough for me. Have the races on the
weekends like most real races and then we can chat about them during the week.

Having races twice a week seems a bit inundating to me. I think that it may get to
be a drag for you too after awhile. I don't want you to burn out either.

Oye, vay. I just re-read your rotating opening, seeding, and racing schedules.
You may have it down pat but to the casual consumer, it is way to confusing.

When I visit, I want to be able to pick a racer for my stable (if possible), seed my brackets,
and then know when to come back for the results.

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David 7/29/10

I think I agree that 2 a week might be too much. I like the idea of 1 race a week and having time to chat/talk smack and generally build up the anticipation for that particular race. With 2 per week you would be going straight from one to the next with very little break inbetween to catch your breath.

How about:

or some variation thereof. That gives 2 days after entering before seeding and 2 days after seeding to race instead of overlapping which might create some confusion for the casual player.

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redlinederby 7/29/10
Site manager

All good points. I know part of the feedback I got about the first season was the pace was a little slow, so I was trying to make up for that. But I think this staggering model is a bit too ambitious.

Now that race days are made up of less actual races, I don't think two per week will be too much for me to what if there is two tournaments a week, but they are both on the weekend?

David's suggested schedule doesn't bother me either, frankly. New tournaments opening on Sunday, seeding happening on Wed and then results posted Saturday. My only change might be to make Sunday the race day and open day, rather than splitting it between Saturday and Sunday. You'll get Sun/Mon/Tue to enter a cars, then Wed/Thr/Fri/Sat to submit brackets.

I like this schedule too because it really gives me the option to do the actual racing on Wed, Sat, or Sun...even if the results aren't posted until Sunday.

Thanks guys, you set me straight. Once again I was trying to get too complicated.

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markkaz 7/30/10

Two per week coinciding at the same time is good for me! It gives more
action like you desire while not being overwhelming.

As far as we know, you could do a month's worth of racing in one weekend
and whenever you decide to post the matches is up to you.

Thanks for asking and listening and bearing the rather direct comments.

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redlinederby 7/30/10
Site manager

I appreciate all the feedback. I listen and observe people all day for my job, so I'm used to taking everything - good and bad. Doesn't mean I don't think y'all are wrong but you guys are my audience so I need to find a happy place for you and me. I think doing two per week just a the same time is a good middle ground.

Now that we're down to 16-car tournaments, I think doing one per week is just kind of underwhelming. Not that doubling it is really a huge increase, but I think it'll put more cars in front of everyone.

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