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Returning tournament entries and shipping, entry etiquette

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redlinederby 1/11/22
Site manager

If you need resources to help manage shipping and addresses, check out this topic which has a nice address book template you can use. It was made to (kinda) work with Pirate Ship which can help save on some postage.

And don't forget to check out the Tournament Hosting collection of topics for more ideas and links.

I don't mind any of the logistical hassle as long as folks send enough $$ to cover the return.

If I want to be nit-picky, I prefer cars to be sent in packaging I can easily reuse to return

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Hartbeat 1/14/22

Thanks for what you do hosts!!  What I got from this is:

-Send return slip

-Send cash

-Send quality box

-Label any containers 

-Be patient, appreciative, and kind!

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NDeavers80 1/16/22

Okay so the last race that I hosted I opened up the cars and took a picture of the boxes and then I grabbed a notebook and I labeled what everybody sent. That way when it came time to put everybody's stuff back together I know who had what with what and what it came in I know that is more work and when you have a larger field it's of course more work. I believe the last race I hosted was everybody had to send in for three different classes and two different cars for each class. I completely understand how frustrating return shipping can be organization for both host and racer is very beneficial. Also so is a little bit of patience understanding and kindness. Racers need to remember that it's just as much effort for a host as it is for you and hosts need to remember that it's just as much effort for the racers as it is for you. We all need to remember that it's a symbiotic relationship.

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FeralPatrick 9/29/23

If I choose to enter a race I'm cool with whatever the race host requires. If I don't agree to terms I just don't enter. My problem is getting the cars back that I paid return shipping for. One race sponsor still has all of my cars I sent in, the first going back a full year, 7 cars in total. I have respectfully requested the returns 3 times in the last 4-5 months and still haven't received them, while I've seen other racers post their returns from the same sponsor on FB. While I won't make a big deal out of it, I'm strongly reconsidering sending any more to them in the future. 

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dr_dodge 10/2/23

What is a reasonable timeline for hosts to return cars?

I am still waiting on ones run is past races, and don't want to be a jerk:

"hey wheres my cars?"  stuff

but whats reasonable time after the race is run?


  • I would say a month but if you do this long enough you’ll find out some you’ll never see again — BlueLineRacing
  • Who doesn’t enjoy donating return shipping money and tungsten to a host? — JACRacing
  • that will really make me mad if that happens, — dr_dodge
  • I’d be pretty shocked if any veteran racer isn’t missing a car or two — BlueLineRacing
  • I may then just send a special free gift to their next race — dr_dodge
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redlinederby 10/2/23
Site manager

That can definitely be squishy...depending on when the racing was actually done. Cars could be gone for a month or more if the host set a generous deadline so everyone had a chance to join, then the racing itself.

But generally speaking, I would like to think cars should be in the mail and on the way home in the week AFTER the racing is done. And hopefully the host communicates those things.

I think after 30 days or so it's fair and friendly to just shoot the host a note and check on their timeline. No big deal there. Everyone's process is different but if you're at the point where you're wondering...certainly ask them.

This is a good idea that I might try to add to the calendar form. It would be great if hosts could give their estimated timeline up front.

Hosting a race is 10% throwing cars down a hill and 90% communication. 

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