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Mayfield41 Tuesday, 7/14/2020

I have learned that testing your builds on a track and have something to compare them too may be crucial so I have started an adventure of acquiring track pieces and how to engineer them into good rolling tracks. My question is there any track pieces or accessories I need to avoid and what is a good video editor software or is there another method without software? I have never done anything like this except as a kid I had a loop track with a jump in it, Old rubber band release. 

Any engineering tips would be helpful as to what you use to secure the track and accessories down with or angle of drop compared to length of track. Like what is a too steep angle drop. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for any tips/advice ahead of time. I found everyone I reached out to be helpful. This community is awesome and enjoyed watching all the videos and sometimes crazy tracks. 

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redlinederby 7/14/20
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Glad you're heading into some track build...but there's a lot in there to unpack. :) But yes, testing your cars on a track is critical to making one that is successful. You don't need a fancy track or a big track or even a track that has scenery and cameras, just something normal to roll on is better than sending in your cars blind. 

Get some orange track packs and some wood planks and you can make a track super easy, right?

As far as video stuff...check out the video & photography articles, there are lots of posts about software editors, lighting, etc. It's a good place to start. And frankly, same with all collections in the Archive; always a good place to go when you know what subject you want but not anything more specific than that. There's 10+ years worth of topics in there...plenty to chew on.

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CrazyEights 7/14/20

EBay is full of hot wheels 40 ft track sets for $25-$30. You can make 2-20 ft lanes. 30" high is a reasonable starting line. Most buy mechanical start gates. Since I'm only a test track I use my fingers as a start gate.

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Blipside 7/25/20

On the 3DBotMaker forum I posted a thread about Video Editing Information.  There were a lot of questions that kept coming up from people who have never done it before.

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