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RalphsRacers Sunday, 7/7/2024

I have been collecting Hotwheels and Match box cars for about six years now, only in the last year have i found diecast racing videos on youtube.

It has given me the want to do it myself.

I have bought a fair amount of track files from 3D print websites and even invested in two Crash Racer sets and have tested each section out but so far havent been able to put it all together due to space constraints or the area i want to use is full of junk.

I will try to put more photos up and keep it going as i would like to video and put on youtube myself. But for now this is it.

The photos are only a small selection of what i have and as you can see i am using what i can to position angles of track.


Hey Ralph, let me start off by saying welcome to Redline Derby. I'm new here myself, but everyone has been really helpful to me, and has given me lots of advice as well.

Your track pieces look good. Using a 3d printer with a combination of crash racers, is definitaly a good starting point. I have the same issue with space confinment as well. So I'm bulding everything up from a 4x8 piece of plywood and putting it on wheels, so i can move it around when needed. It's not ideal, but its the best solution I have found so far. Other people have built their track in a garage or shed, but I like in Arizona, and it gets a little warm here, so that option was out for me.

Your 225 degree turn looks really good. I've seen people take that turn, and put a 45 degree turn (opposite angle) after it, and it makes your exit lane parallel to your entrance lane. Its a great way to have a bank turn in a smaller space.

Keep it up, and keep posting with your progress

  • interesting, are the curves smooth? (no little ribs?) — dr_dodge
  • Thankyou for your comment. I put a few bits together last night and a little adjustment and it was great. Its only about a third of what i have though so going to see how much i can do before the cars cant take it. — RalphsRacers
  • This curve is smooth though i do have one with ridges as well(nibs). Not crash racers — RalphsRacers

Looking forward to seeing this when its done.  

So a few days ago i bought some Rolls Royce from ebay, diecast not real thing sadly... This is a new picture of what i put up last night. Worked perfectly.

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RalphsRacers 7/18/24

So input my first video up on utube today. Under Ralph's Racing. Very short but check it out, let me know. Might try a slow motion next time

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RalphsRacers 7/18/24

I tried that but couldnt work how to do it. Mind you it was on my phone, not a computer. Might try tonight

  • you'll get more traffic, I think — dr_dodge
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