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RustBeltRacing Thursday, 4/9/2020

I'm having a problem getting my orange track to sit straight and level. I'm trying to make both lanes equal and fair but cars just randomly fall off. I think it's because the track is twisting to the outside. I'm in the process of rebuilding from scratch so I'm asking; What do you use to hold down your orange track and keep it level?

I've gotten suggestions of velcro and plaster washers but neither sounds like a secure way to hold the track. What do you recommend?


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redlinederby 4/9/20
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Securing track has always been challenge for me. In many ways, I think it's just the way it's gonna's plastic that has a mind of its own, in many cases. And sometimes you just have a wonky segment that won't play well with others.

I think one thing that can help is to not put your lanes butt up next to each other. I think as the plastic flexes it pushes against the other lane and can possibly create some wonkiness. Give a little allowence between lanes.

You can browse the Track Building collection...there are various posts about keeping track down as well as straight. 

Myself, I was never looking to really "permanently" secure my track, ie, I wasn't going to screw it down or anything like that. I found Velcro to flimsy for my tastes and the times I tried washers just created bumps every foot or so and I didn't like that either.

I don't know if it will work for segmented track - might have to do some cutting - but I found these aluminum strips at Home Depot that slide right into the under channel of the track. They go in snug and don't create any bumps. Plus I feel they add a little weight to the track so it seems to lay a little more solid.

The strips won't stop your track from moving so you'd still want to find a way to do that, like with guide walls or something, but these things might be worth a look. If you have the means, you can certainly cut them into lengths that will fit with the segmented track.

But also don't forget it doesn't have to be exact. You want things to be fair as you can but every track will have its own personality that comes with the build, and that's part of the fun.

  • That's a good point. Maybe it's because I had the tracks butted up to each other. I don't know if you've seen my races and my old track but the lanes were right up to each other because that's how they sat in the starting gate. I'm building my own gate this time so I have a little leeway in that respect. I also included sidewalls which I think will help too. — RustBeltRacing
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Mattman213 4/9/20

I've not tried popsicle sticks or washers tho they would likely work great.  I bought some of 3DBotmakers track joiners and screwed them to the boards that make up my track and ita been solid since. 


  • That might be the ticket right there but he's always sold out. — RustBeltRacing
  • If I couldnt find those pieces Ide take some track to the hardware store and find a washer that fits nice and snug and buy them. — Mattman213
  • Two popsicle sticks next to each other fit perfect and are great for keeping things straight. Doesn't hold down at all but combo. — redlinederby
  • Maybe a combo of popsicle sticks and velcro? Sticks to keep straight and velcro periodically to hold the track down? I would just think that the velcro would be thicker. — RustBeltRacing

On the right is the mockup with sidewalls

I use velcro for Tobacco works well.

  • I went ahead with the heavy duty 3/4" velcro. Along with the side rails, that should do it. — RustBeltRacing

...and Bootleg Run uses 3D'S dual lane connectors 

  • Hey do you notice the cars bouncing/jumping over the connectors or did you have to route out a hole to recess them like I did? — Mattman213
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EcuWeeEcosse 4/25/20

Not sure if it would prevent twisting but I recently discovered that orange track sits quite nicely in the "rails" (i.e. grooves) of classic wooden toy railway track. It just has a mm or two of movement side to side. Only problem is there isn't room for the orange track connectors without it raising up slightly. 

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