Traveling, sceniced road corse.

PagodaRacing Monday, 12/20/2021

I'm kicking around the idea of building a track to take to events.

Does anyone have experience building a sceniced road course ment to, well, go on the road.

I would like to build an open course with full scenery that I can take to several events through out the year. 

I'm a long time model railroader and past member of a couple NTRAK clubs so I have some experience with building modular layouts and taking them on the road.

In the 90's I helped build some large, free form tennis racket shaped, portable end loops for the national train show. They were constructed by laminating layers of luan. A club member adapted this from his boat building experience. 

I've a good idea about how to build a sectional supporting structure that will have adjust ability to fine tune the track.

I'm just reaching out to see if anyone else has gone about this in a different way.

 Thanks, Old Grumpy.

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