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redlinederby Friday, 10/30/2020
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I don't know if there are "spoilers" when it comes to diecast racing, but I'm sure there are folks that like to watch the racing and see the results before they read about them, whether here or on another site or even in comments. Using YouTube's Premiere feature when publishing a video can help solve this problem AND gives you some cool features to boot.

The YouTube Premiere option is not an add-on or app or anything extra you need to download or install. It's really just a checkbox on the form during the upload process. It's easy.

I used the Premiere option when I recently uploaded the Redline Rumble video and the response was great.

What you get with YouTube Premiere

Using the YouTube Premiere option lets you schedule a video to premiere at a certain date & time. It's kind of like a live premiere for your recorded video. If someone goes to the video before the scheduled date/time, they'll see a little countdown and reminder.

When the date/time happens, YouTube automatically starts playing your video (like a live stream) and adds a live chat to the video page that lets viewers discuss what they're all watching.

All in all, it's nothing too fancy but it's a nice feature and it invites your audience to engage with your video and brand more than they otherwise might...and you don't have to do anything extra!

How to use the Premiere optoin

When you're going through the steps of uploading a video, just select the Schedule option and then check the "Set as premiere" box. That's it.

I've used the Premiere option a couple times and it's been fun. There's no reason not to use it, honestly. You don't have to do anything extra or even be there when it happens. Everything is automatic. So next time you upload a video, maybe try to schedule it as a Premiere and see how your audience likes it.

Here's the official help from YouTube regarding Premiere



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BlueLineRacing 10/30/20

Great, I will look into this in the future. Thanks for the info

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WeRaceDiecast 10/31/20

I've been wondering about this feature and whether or not to use it. I think you are right though, there is no negatives I can see from using it, but only positives. I'll have to test it out this sunday!

  • Sunday. You mean for my race??? I'm a star. Makeup! — CrazyEights
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Chaos_Canyon 10/31/20

I used it on one video and it seemed to confuse people. They kept asking where the video was :)

  • You must confuse old people for them to learn... :) — WeRaceDiecast
  • The premiere feature is good if you promote the date/time so people get that it is appointment-style viewing. It's not a good choice if you're just need to throw up videos without any sort of upfront effort. — redlinederby
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Peter_Bee 11/3/20

I'm using Premiere tonight for the first time! 8pm, EST. My highlights from Event 6 of The 2020 Diecast games, Part 2.

To see what Premiere is all about in a live situation, click here:

Hope to see you in the live chat. Take care everyone.

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