UK Mail in tournament

marklt9999 Saturday, 5/21/2022

Hi all Mark here I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a mail in tournament I'm UK based though my channel is


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Endcount 5/21/22

I would be interested in sending something across the pond as long as the shipping cost isn't too crazy.  
What kind of tournament did you have in mind?

  • I'll find out how much — marklt9999
  • And it will be a vs knockout tournament themed by small castings which I will be buddy — marklt9999
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Numbskull 5/22/22

I'm always game to send some cars to your track.

  • I have your others still but great if you sendore to race — marklt9999
  • If you send in for this one shall I send your card back after save postage — marklt9999
  • That would be great. — Numbskull
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MarkRich21 5/22/22

Small cars sounds fun. I will be in.

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WallyChamp73 5/22/22

Hi,  I would be interested in competing in your tournament.  Let me know, thanks!

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