Unboxing the Kroger Collector Edition Custom 77 Dodge Van

redlinederby Monday, 11/23/2020
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I'm not a collector nor a chaser of special edition cars, but when I saw the offer for the Kroger-exclusive van, I knew it was something within reach that I could do with my kid. We're at Kroger buying cars on a weekly basis anyway so why not get a little something extra?

So after buying 20 cars and few weeks of waiting, our collector edition van arrived, much to the glee of an 8-year-old girl. She was very excited to have a box come from Mattel. She's very well-versed in Barbie too so getting mail from them was not lost on her (she's even keeping the shipping box). It's her first collector car and one she is very proud to put on display.

She did all the leg work with me to get all the mainlines and send in the box tops, so she got to unbox the car for her Hot Wheels show. Enjoy (and see if you can pinpoint the exact moment with the hearts of collectors cry out in pain).

While I wish this would have been a custom Supervan and not the Dodge with the window roof, it's still a pretty sweet looking casting. I really dig the purple paint and the rims.


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SuperLos 11/27/20

 Nice! I love collecting vans and this one is pretty sweet. Thats cool that you and your daughter got to do this together!

Thanks for opening it! #freeallthecars

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Rusty 11/27/20

Cool classic van.Very neat that you got to do this with your Daughter!!!!!!!!

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TheMakersBox 11/27/20

I often wonder how many Hot Wheels actually make it out of their packages.  Glad this one did.  Thanks for sharing the expirence with us!

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