UPDATE: "Junkyard Joust" style arena track build

CanesBart Tuesday, 6/4/2024

We kicked this out during the hockey game (ROARRR! Cats in Cup Final!) For my Grandson.

Based on a foam cooler lid, with foamboard, formica and scraps for walls, and found a use for those Crash Racers plastic barrier things. Drywall mesh tape for the fencing.

It's the "Ray Lewis Arena of Death!" (We are Canes, hence the orange and green)

A rubber band launcher is mounted on wood outside, that aligns the run up track with the arena.  Options for a ramp, the "Joust" style header into wall, or free range.   That HW Dolluh Tree launcher is wicked!  Lol, on highest setting, it about took my finger off on a misfire! (Perfect for the chir'ren).  Sends cars five feet on the little ramp!

Groundwork is next.  Gonna dig some holes for pit traps, covered (or uncovered) with "steel" mesh floorplate.  I'm thinking a dirt surface (pva, sand and acrylic paint) with some random grass/weeds along walls?  What do you think?

Anyway, very quick and easy, with a big return on fun value.  Gonna be hard on his cars, though.  :)

I hope the Junkyard Joust guys don't send me a C and D letter for my blatant, albeit good faith copy of their schtik.

So Get all Ray Lewis on your opponents, and smash them into the dirt!!!

NOTE: Whole thing was absolutely drowned in tacky glue mixed with a bit of water, brushed on in 3 coats!.  Really strengthens the walls!   Rust washes too.

Coming together!  One more game to work on it (hopefully).

The pit traps can be raised flush or even removed.


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dr_dodge 6/5/24

I like it!  an very interesting arena.

I usually use 50/50 paint, and wood glue (more water resistant) 
my off road track is a thick layer of school glue (because it "re-melts")
then colored sand on the dry, and start spraying water.
and the glue will wick up thru. 

the track surface of micro thunder drag strip is paint/glue over pink foam,
then sanded w/ 400-1000 sand paper, and it's slicker than snot

are you on the JJ discord?


I love that setup!  Really fun!

  • Thank you! And great work! We love your vids — CanesBart
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CanesBart 6/15/24

Now I need my own logo and name.

Love it!  Can't wait to see more.

  • Well, lol, looks like Ai get another hockey game to finish now, cept I'll be there. :) — CanesBart
  • Thanks to all for encouragement — CanesBart
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CanesBart 6/18/24

Please let me have only one more night of finishing this! (Traded our Cats tickets for reservations at Casa Bonita)

I need a personal logo, and some tweeking (the death rate for cars is awfully high, they don't make those amazing Junkyard Joust recoveries, maybe cause they're not modified?)

  • plastic top/metal bottoms do better as stock card, but the joust is very unpredictable. lool fwd to seeing more! — dr_dodge
  • Lol, took your advice, got some metal chassis/plastic body cars...and....all of them ate regular players on Junkyard Joust videos. :)I hammered so many 2oz lead sinkers into flat strips, I need to hit bait store before I fish again. Some of those cars can handle 1oz of lead inside — CanesBart
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CanesBart 6/24/24

Okay, during intermissions tonight, we are doing the first "official" test event.  Got five players with 5 cars each.  I'll photo and video and we will see where it stands...

My friends have already mastered the skill of taking apart cars to "enhance and upgrade", meaning they will perform at a much lower level than straight outta box, lol. 

  My Mary asked why three guys were on the porch, blasting Iron Maiden, on hands and knees, hitting the patio concrete with hammers.  "They are flattening weights to put in the cars".     Her reply: "If I step on another ----- pyramid sinker, you're all DEAD!"

Game on!

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CanesBart 6/25/24

It worked!  We used a ramp, and it really worked!   My wife won all three matches (during Panthers intermissions), lol, with dinosaur cars and a hot dog mobile (the front end spatula was formidable).  

I had the most experience, and had my hand picked, personally modified cars.   I got run outta the arena in short order!  Newbies with random stock cars beat me.  :0.    The first weaponizrd car I've built, a tow truck with a ramp attached, rocked.  A girl used it to great effect, so im gonna build some more.

All in all, project Is going great.  I'll make another arena for me, as this is earmarked fir my grandson.

  • Looks like a ton of fun! Great job. — jlane
  • Mary found episodes of Junkyard joust featuring her Dino, dragon and wiener cars! Lol, she's studying up! — CanesBart
  • BTW, the hot wheels demolition derby cars really sucked for me (besides the station wagon). Ironic, isn't it? Ah well, the crushed ones look so cool! — CanesBart
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