Volvo 850 Estate, a wagon ready for weight

redlinederby Friday, 12/6/2019
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From our friends over at Orange Track Diecast, a mainline Volvo 850 Estate is coming soon...and it looks like it's ready to be packed with weight. 

I enjoy wagons for some reason. I think just because its size has potential and it's not a truck, but not a car. They're beefy without being too much and are (maybe) a little more stylish than a pickup or something bigger. And in the case of the old GTO wagon, you get a dog in the back - and that's just fun.

While I might not put the Volvo in the "stylish" category, I forsee a station wagon tournament coming in 2020. I think there might be enough out there to warrant such a thing. We'll see...


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Dadvball 12/6/19

I found one earlier in the week. Had a few ideas on customizing it but I am up for a race if and when you decide. 

Wagon Wars!!!

75g Wagons

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redlinederby 12/6/19
Site manager

I gotta find one's nice having something to hunt for that isn't something exclusive :) I'll get a Wagon Wars on the calendar for next year. Start scouting...

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Mattman213 12/7/19

I've got a couple of them and they are offering a different color soon already.  Loved these cars when I was a kid so glad they are making a Hot Wheel version!


I'd say Wagon...domestic or import...75g

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