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Dutch_Clutch_Racing Sunday, 5/19/2024

This isn't earth shattering news but....when I got started it took me awhile to make sure I ordered the right thing.   These Plano storage boxes (model # 5324-30) are about $9 each and hold 24 cars.  Can stack on a shelf under bench or even hang on the wall.   Works great for me.   Dutch


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Numbskull 5/19/24

I use those too.

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dr_dodge 5/19/24

that would be the way to go hosting a race

(cough hint cough)


  • I do want to host some drags.....I'm intimidated at this point of the video/production side of things. I'll keep practicing some. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • start shooting "casual longs" that has helped me "overcome my anxiety" of talking on camera — dr_dodge
  • Good advice from the Dr.! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
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dr_dodge 5/19/24

my next production
4 pack of Poineer plastic model car kits pre 1910 cars,
I bought all 12 kits
I built, so far
kits are repops from 1980
(they run down dual orange track great with proper assy lovin') 
the others 8 just can out of paint today
(Kits are 1/35 scale...same as HW mototcycles and atv stuff, umm and girls...lol)

Plan on doing a documentary on the NYC to Buffalo Pan Am Exporace from 1901,
and run a new race, too

the (real) Rodney Brothers will drive the C Cabs, with an added side story (based on the historic-ness of the time/date)
The blue Packard will rep the Pierce Arrow Museum in Buffalo NY, who has the original car
they just don't know it yet

the other 9 cars I will invite persons to name them as "play along at home"
It is forcing me to organize the story
I will have to voice over
and obviously edit

and, I only started doing this May 21st last year is my you tube birthday, not a rookie there either...lol

you will get your flow and groove down, you will be stylin'


Wow, your set up is really nice!

Great suggestion! I am always looking for a better way to store/organize my cars. Track looks fantastic, nice job 


It is a very clean an orginied raceway... Very Nice & Thanks for posting part # for us...


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AbbyNormal 5/21/24

That's great gonna have to order some

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Fat_Dad 5/23/24

That installation of one sided cases make me wish I didn't have a dozen two sided cases lol

Looks like a great solution! 

Dutch thats a great solution,  especially for display!  Here's my favorite for storage. But obviously not for display.  Easy to find the cars you're looking for. And very compact.  32 to 36 cars per case.  2 pack of cases for $7.50 at Hobby Lobby.  I use bubble wrap to keep them from rolling around.

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DXPRacing 5/24/24

You have a very nice setup

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