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FredD Thursday, 9/14/2023

Being a noob to diecast cars... I'm not sure what you know or don't know. I am a lifelong hobbiest and have dabbled in many hobbies. One thing I used for my R/C planes was lead weight to find the proper CG. I used to frequent my local tire professionals and ask them for take off weights that they were either going to recycle or trash depending on the era. These things are great and the price is usually free... my favorite cost! Not sure what you all use but I am using these 1/2 oz. break apart blocks with good success. If you have any other ideas you are willing to share... I am all ears!


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dr_dodge 9/14/23

I cast diecast into them


  • nice... do you sand cast? — FredD
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NDeavers80 9/15/23

I work at a tire shop so I get my pick of free take off wheel weights 

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Kingjester 9/15/23

I mainly use coins and car weights, I find my car weights mainly at harbor and freights 

  • harbor freight... yeah... I have a hard time going in there and buying just one thing! lol — FredD

I use 1/2 oz egg shaped fishing weights and hammer/cut/shape them to fit in my builds. I don't have the social skills to go and ask for free tire weights lol

  • hillarious! But, yeah I get that! lol — FredD
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FeralPatrick 9/15/23

Tire weights and this stuff. Cuts easily and sticks tight. Soft enough to squish into tight spots. I also found a tungsten putty that doesn't melt, but don't tell anyone. lol.

I use Black powder Round balls.

.50 cal = 12 grams, easily manuplated.

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redlinederby 9/16/23
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When I started modding I just used coins. I remember a pick-up I made that had a stack of pennies in the back, vans too. It was easy and cheap. I used clay a lot too to just fill in the tiny spaces. It was never heavy but didn't hurt.

But the last time I was in the modding scene I got a whole case of wheel weights and used them. For the most part they fit perfectly in the bottom of the chassis and was easy to glue in.

I had a mind to sell the weights in a kit but never got around to putting those together...thanks to lockdown I never got around to do many live events or shows. Maybe someday...but until then I have a TON of weights. If anyone is interested, shoot me a note and we can make a deal.

I seal tungsten putty with cyano glue. Brush it all over. Works perfectly for me. Also wheel weights. And ”lead" which you can buy on a roll in different sizes which can be cut with scissors. Most of the time I remove the adhesive when space is crucial.

  • never tried that putty... will have to look for it! — FredD
  • I highly recommend the Reaction Tackle brand of tungsten putty I buy on Amazon). It doesn't seem to melt or travel. — FeralPatrick

Tungsten putty, fishing lead weights, modeling clay and keystock. So far the putty is easiest. With the luck I've had I think I should just try putting square wheels on the damn things and let them slide down the track.

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