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What do use to paint your cars?

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I mostly use Tamiya primer with automotive clear coats with pearls or flake. For general painting I use cheap craft paints from Walmart or Hobby Lobby. They spray nicely through my airbrush when properly thinned.

I also do a little powder coating from time to time... I can't lug the stuff back and forth to Florida, so I only do it when I am home. Here is a vid if interested...

Powder coat diecast

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Painting is a Rabbit Hole in itself depending on what you want to do... There are many combo kits & specails on the market for air brushing so research it first.. I got a compressor with a tank and 3 air brushes for $120... The air brushes work but I want to eventually get 1 really high quality AB for detail work on Halloween builds I do. 

I build, Mod, Paint and soon to tune cars in my basement. So I go a entierly different route the everyone else because of where I paint, what I use and how I paint. This is not a suggestion just what I do only...  I use Air brush, Rattle cans, Sharipie Markers & good ole fashion paint brushes & cheap DG,  Walmart or any craft store water base paint... 

Im a huge fan of Createx Paint -  I have Candy 2o & Wicked paints so far Im using  all for Air Brushing

Dollar General Paint -  Can be Air Brushed or by paint brush - $1.00 a bottle Walmart has as well as most craft store prices vary.

Rattle cans - Walmart cheap paint, Rustoleum, Dupli Color left overs (not any more @ $16.95 a can Oriellys Auto)

I use the Dupli color primer still as well as Walmart brand primers

Speed O Kote Auto Clear or 2K Clear most call it - 2 part automotive clear - Very Flamable and Very Harsh fumes when sprayed out of large guns. I use air brush and small amount and shoot in my basement cant smell a thing. I use a mask still - Just flamable issues to watch for IE cleaning guns and disposing of waste. Good thing is such a small amount it evaporates what little I have and any left over clear hardens so it can be tossed again such a small amount... 

Createx paints has disfferent stages to getting the end praint job. This is silver base for Candy 2o paint, there is also other products that prevent bleed thru ect...  

This VW had Candy Blue and Candy Black  multiple layers as it is a candy color (dye) sprayed over the sliver base and shot with 2K clear 3 coats. I didnt have silver paint to do the headlight rings, door handles or trunk/back hatch handles so I use the silver base with paint brush, final finish I used black sharpie to outline inside window frames, I used tiny paint brush and Createx paint for tail lights ( didnt work well as it had no reducer or carrier to get the color I wanted) Thats the bleed thru issue I had. 

Cop Car is factory paint and decals for the race requirements, I painted the windows, wing, push bumper & front and back lights all DG paint & brush.

I picked up this spray booth during Black Friday amazon sale cheap. I have a window right above booth where I have access if needed to vent outside. So far I have been able to use the 5 gallon buket with water and lid with holes drilled in it that allows the air to flow with 2 filters on it to catch any particles that escape the water catch. Again the amount of paint/Clear sparayed is so small there is no smell like rattle cans. My wife didnt even know I paint or clear coated downstairs she thought I did it all outside.. Score one for me!!!!! I have full control over tempature cold/hot when painting now.. I will soon add a dehydrator as a baking oven for paint/clear as I am doing stuff in the future for Youtube vids tohelp out people who want to learn painting tips.. 

I know this was a long one but I have no secrets and willing to share anything I can to promote this hooby and enjoy it with all... 

Thanks Vic

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