What do you call non-mail-in races?

redlinederby Wednesday, 5/12/2021
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I'm trying to find some common language when it comes to the types of racing we do so I can integrate those names into upcoming site features.

We got mail-in racing, I know that one, but I don't participate in enough of the other types to know what they're commonly called. I know what I call them but that doesn't mean others will get it.

Mail-in race = Sending in cars to a host track. How your car does is your score.

Driver race = Where you choose a car (or get assigned to a car) that is owned by the host and however that car performs, that's your score

Pick'em race = You just pick which car(s) you think will win in a race. You're not assigned a car nor sending in any cars.

  • Are those names fair and understood?
  • What do you call them when talking about them?
  • What other types/names of racing do you see often that aren't listed here?


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UncleBuster 5/12/21

How about Driver Proxy Race?

I never really knew what to call races like 3D's and others that use real people's names.  Your Driver Race, was termed Fantasy Racing by Diecast 64 once upon a time, and I eventually adopted that.

  • "Fantasy" is a common use for it - I used to use it too - just wasn't sure if that was commonly understood anymore or not — redlinederby
  • I'm not sure it is, either. We chose not to use it in DRR, for fear of people taking it as a derogative. But we never had a truly effective way to refre to them, other than the title of the section where they were covered: "On The Track", which was just codifying them by the 3D sign-off phrase. Worked for the section. Doesn't work for common parlance. — GenX_VintageRacing
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D1G1T4L 5/12/21

Those 3 Definitions are a perfect jumping off point i think they describe most Categories we see currently fairly well! 

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redlinederby 5/12/21
Site manager

GenX pointed out something I forgot - the use of the term "fantasy" when talking about races.

I used to do the driver style race and called it the "Fantasy League" and that was fine. But as I learned more about actualy fantasy leagues, I started to wonder if "Fantasy League" doesn't set up some false expectations for people that play real leagues (like football). And then we also have the "fantasy" casting classification as well so I'm not sure exactly where "fantasy" sits with people.

Although "Fantasy League" does capture what the driver/proxy racing is really doing....

I've always understood "driver callouts" to be a host using his own cars and taking the first say, 16 commentors to be assigned random or selected cars. "Pick ems" as more of fantasy league scoring format. Diecast Racer X is my referance although Blueline recently did one as well. 

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SpyDude 5/12/21

"Driver call" or "Choose your ride" works for host-owned cars. The "fantasy league" does work, but because of the "fantasy" castings, that might also mess people up a bit. Maybe use "Fantasy League" for exactly that: the fantasy cars that don't see a lot of action on the track, such as the Tooned cars, HardNoze, Croozers, Street Beasts, etc. Given that there are a bunch of fantasy castings, it would not be too out of line to hold a regular event using those vehicles.

  • Choose Your Ride is probably spot on, now that I see that. That conveys it all...you don't mail in anything, you just pick and hope. — redlinederby
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Mattman213 5/12/21

Pick your Ride maybe?  Im not really sure since its not really my thing.  If I didnt build it, Im usually not bothered to care.  Occasionally someone I know will do a pick-em and Ill jump in just to see if what I see pans out but otherwise I dont care for the "be a driver" thing.

  • I do the “driver ride” because even if it isn’t my car, I’m still racing. — SpyDude
  • Yeah I can kinda see how that works but its not for me. Like at the local races, if Im not behind the wheel then Im just cheering someone else on. There is fun in that for sure — Mattman213

I call all of my races where people pick a car and driver name, fantasy. When I first joined then it seemed that that's what all of those type of races were called so I adopted it. So now I should probably change my YouTube Channel's name to Fantasy Roadrunner Raceway cuz that's all I do. But I do really like those names for the three categories.

  • There's no right or wrong here, just trying to see how people recognize different types of racing. I wouldn't change the name of your channel, that's the brand at large. Roadrunner Raceway does fantasy racing, it's not a fantasy brand :) — redlinederby

How about

"Non Mail In Race"

Seriously though,

I think its the exactly the same as a Drivers Race?

If I am wrong, Please explain why?

  • I mean, you're not wrong - it's just a mouthful, IMO. I'm asking primarily because I want to add some categorization to the race calendar and need some quick way to label items. — redlinederby
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Chaos_Canyon 5/14/21

Sounds fair and straight forward.

The only addition we've made is Rent-a-ride for our rally, where you pay for a custom car to be made locally for you in the stock class (no wheelmods, just decorative) rather than pay to ship a stock car all the way to NZ, works out cheaper for the driver and goes a very small way to cover the time to make the cars.

  • You need to make a “Rent-A—Ride” used car lot, with a little shack for an office and flag banners. — SpyDude
  • Great idea - gonna look into that — Chaos_Canyon
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