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What do you do in real life?

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Everfree 2/7/24

I work on making cloth hoods for the naval shipyard in my region.

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Vulfgang 4/2/24

Best chat yet! In 1968 my brother and I got hot wheels for Christmas!! For the next few years we raced them every way we could think of. Eventually other activities replaced the hot wheels. My younger years as an auto mechanic for my families service stations, a tour in the US Marine Corps, Daytona Beach lifeguard, construction jobs, fine dinning waiter, hotel manager... I've built several fast cars, raced on the streets of Indianapolis, restored cars, flipped cars... mechanical, body work and paint, machine shops, fabrication, 4x4 conversions...

Until Easter 2019 when we hosted the family gathering and the kids brought hot wheels. Im retired now and addicted to hot wheels. As a gear head I spent crazy money to gain a few horse power, change paint, modify suspensions... but with hot wheels you can modify a car for less than $10 bucks. I plan on entering races through the Summer and host some unique races next Winter. 

  • excellent story... thanks for sharing! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Hot Wheels and 1980's GI JOE figures are all I need. — LobotomyScam
  • Good write up. Welcome. Lots of good people on this site. I look forward to racing on your track someday. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Well said, if I had half the Hotwheels I had in the 70's I'd be "rich" lol — G_ForceRacing
  • My brother still has a tire carrier full of oldies. This is a perfect hobby that brings back memories and creates family interaction. Gravity racing is physics, fun, competition and no computers needed. It doesnt have to be expensive even though older children may over indulge. Compared to the cumulative expense of playstation, nentendo... all the way back to Pong. Video games quickly become obsolete or out of style but Hot Wheels lives on! — Vulfgang
  • Exactly! — G_ForceRacing
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LordSyosset 4/9/24

I was a cartoonist in Mouseschwitz or was it Duckhau, that's what they became after the the fellas from fashion who "didn't know the characters talked" asked if "Piglet was a pig?" and finally my favorite "Secret Squirrel is a Monkey, right?" took over. Not to mention these broads from advertising and designers who sucked that somehow got above the creative people and took credit from them. 

 I was fired after  a talentless antenette portis told me to draw minnie mouse ripping open her shirt like the girl on the soccer team and even though I knew it was wrong I did it. And she threw me under the bus. It was 24 years ago, the once thriving department is now gone, the same thing happened to the WB Stores. And this is what happens when incompetent people get jobs they are not qualified for, which is why I never tried out for the Harlem Globetrotters.  

I'm retired now, after many operations and was looking for a hobby after my 24 year plan to destroy Disney was complete and I came across this sport. I am looking for someone to teach me Blender so I can create my own figures. 

  • I am about 20 miles from DisneyWorld or about two hours driving time... don't go there but some if my neighbors work there... — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

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