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What does it take to make a winning car?

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I am not a builder!! I like to host! I am hosting my 1st ever mail in now. So I would like to take this opportunity to give you all a round of applause. Modding is special hard work you all do great things keep it up have fun!! 

  • And I'd be interested in racing when you set up a scheduled race — CHOWHOUND_RACING_N_DIECAST
  • Chowhound. Thanks I have 1 I am currently running unfortunately my start gate finishing line went out. I have one on the way. Once I get this one finished I will post for the next. Look forward to having you. — RicksDiecastRacing
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dr_dodge 5/17/23

this is my rookie year

learning alot, and enjoy building unconventionally.

have no idea what it truly takes to win consistanly as some here do,

but I am in this sport for the long haul, and fun is the priority

also like outragous builds, even if they aren't fast (yet)


  • The thing is as the honey moon feelings leave not to fret and have a love for what I call this our sport . Never allow the dregs of boredom set in or you can be doomed not to stick with sport of ours — CHOWHOUND_RACING_N_DIECAST

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