What's happening at Chaos Canyon?

Chaos_Canyon Tuesday, 12/27/2022

After trillionaire MCP CEO Rick Johansonson bought the canyon, the team had to move out. So what will they do? Where will they go now? Watch to find out



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SpyDude 12/27/22

That is a beautiful old Chevy pickup (both the model and the real thing!) The gearhead in me wants to know more about the real one, though .... some more pictures? What are you running under the hood?

THIS is going to be the new track?? WOW!! Going to be some great racing here! I love the moving obstacles!

  • Thanks. That truck is a NZ new truck - used to be a mail delivery truck back in the late 40's. It has a newer Holden V8 with 5 speed gearbox in it. Slightly lowered suspension but not so low you can't get over speed bumps etc. — Chaos_Canyon
  • It's gorgeous. And I love that you recreated it for the track. — SpyDude
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Rusty 12/27/22

Well,been waiting on this..Looks like some fun coming..great job on the layout!

  • Thanks. It should make the racing fun. Being Chaos Xanyon still means it’ll be a tough track. — Chaos_Canyon

Looks fabulous Thom, brilliant use of cable/magnet system. Looking forward to it!

  • Thanks. Really happy how it turned out and looking forward to running the outlaws and mustangs on it — Chaos_Canyon
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G_ForceRacing 12/28/22

Off the hook!! Will be looking for a race to join!!

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dr_dodge 12/28/22

that looks amazing!
I love the trucks, that should add some action, for sure
Is that the busch system, or home made for the trucks?

Love the right hand drive pick up, too

looking forward to sending a car or two


  • Thanks. It is a very sweet truck, unfortunately it's my brothers, not mine but at least I get to ride in it :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • that's the best of both worlds, get to ride and enjoy it, and don't have to fix it when it breaks — dr_dodge
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Rainsford 12/30/22

This looks awesome! Blurring the line between Model Railroading and Diecast Racing even further, haha!

  • I have the same truck. Trying to mod it for wider wheels. '52 chevy. Most popular color was green. Check out the part 1 mod on SST Diecast Racing. Thanks. — SSTdiecast
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EnZedRacing 1/4/23

Now the Outlaws get to stretch their legs and really see how fast their cars are!! Can't wait for the first race...

  • It'll definitely be interesting to see their times vs the stock mustangs. Will give people an idea about if having added weight is likely to make a difference etc. — Chaos_Canyon
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Man this looks like a blast!!!!!

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MrDarq 1/5/23

Looking sweet!!

  • Thanks. Really looking forward to getting the Outlaws and Mustangs running on the track next week — Chaos_Canyon

Taking the racing scene to new levels. Stepping up the challenge!

How do we get a car to you to challenge for the outlaws !!! I want in so bad. CanadianSTIG wants to bring his own car to drive this time!!

  • We will be putting out driver calls after the racing gets underway, so make sure to keep an eye out for them. — Chaos_Canyon
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GT_Diecast 1/6/23

How did you get the moving trucks to move?! I just don't get it.

Anyways I'm going to miss 'cahoona corner' lots of action there!

  • It’s a track system that goes underneath the board. There are magnets on the track and under the vehicles. As the chain in the track moves, it pulls along the car above it. — SpyDude
  • https://www.magnorail.com/en/ — SpyDude
  • Nope, it's not magnorail, as you can't have intersecting loops with magnorail. It's a good system, but not what I'm using — Chaos_Canyon
  • There will still be lots of action at the new track, even without a jump. Basically all the corners are now carhooner corner :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • I know, I was just posting up Magnorail as a possible track system. — SpyDude
  • Thanks a lot! — GT_Diecast
  • Also, can't wait till all the cahoonas to be in action — GT_Diecast
  • What system are you using? Whatever it is, it's still pretty awesome. — SpyDude
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