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Where do you buy scale model people?

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dr_dodge 12/18/22

Got the 2 bags of people in. 
2 different places on amazon (1/75) 
this first batch is the passengers sitting pose (bag in  3rd photo)
(each bag supposed to be 100 people, didn't count them)
I got 11 sitting, lol 

1st pic same castings are arranged vertically
reasonable paint as background people, but pink? whats up with all pants??
also got siamese twin girls, and a guy with a 1 x 6 stuck to him
sitting are upper left, guys to the right, gals to the lower left

second bag, paint quality about the same
ratios of sitting people (left)  men (right)
gals on the bottom (happy to see more women in this bag)

all the same castings as the first bag

all in one bag, taking to drag strip today to see how they size up
(will get some pics there, too)

colors used in each bag bag were different, 

about $9 each, disappointed in not many sitting, wanted to do some mini stands, barely got enough for a couple benches.

over all, not bad for $20 to fill in as background color

but would probably suck for and front line closeups/stills

so there ya have it


I got the same 2 bags, was disapointed too, but, I'm planning to make zombies out of em all. Have a Halloween Bowling tourney with them or something just as stupid :P

  • I was disappointed, too, If they had just done a better job on paint, especially colors, it wouldn't have been as bad, — dr_dodge

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