Where do you buy scale model people?

redlinederby Friday, 7/17/2020
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I've noticed a lot of the channels out there make use of scale model figures on their tracks, a la 3DBotMaker and friends. I know they're just 1/64 scale people, standard HO size, but I can't seem to find a place that sells the auto/racing theme people (or similar).

All I'm able to find are train-themed people with luggage and stuff. And also, they are expensive! Like 5 figures for $10 or so, which just seems a little steep to me.

Where are you buying the race theme appropriate figures? Bonus points if they're reasonably priced.


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i heard that people are making them with their 3D printers. I beleive Adriel from 3D Botmaker makes all his little people, if I am correct. ???

  • I was wondering that and figured but my searching never found me worthwhile figures...I'll keep digging too — redlinederby

I heard that S - scale is close to 1/64....you can be like 100 on ebay for $10 or $20 I think.   They are just generic though.

  • S scale is 1:64 in the model railroading world. HO scale is 1:87. — SpyDude
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3DBotMaker 7/17/20

HO is not the correct size. Search eBay for 1/64 figures. You'll find quite a few figures made by Race Medal that are the correct size. They are not cheap since they're resin 3d prints and hand painted, but they do look good and fit in with a modern track scene.

  • Ah ha...the secret sauce! Thanks — redlinederby
  • S scale is 1:64, but you'll pay for them. HO scale is 1:87 and a great deal more affordable and available. — SpyDude

On a site called "Wish" I have bought some race themed figures. I can't say they're cheap though. I paid 22 for 4-5 of them. 

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Chaos_Canyon 7/18/20

You can also find them on AliExpress. I've got quite a few packs from them. Only slow part is the delivery but like 3D said, they clock up in price pretty quick.

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WinstonGunner 10/19/20

I bought 1250 1/75 scale sitting men and women, unique paint, 4 different styles men and women for $75 including shipping from Aliexpress. I just communicated with 3 or 4 suppliers and got the same price. Sitting 1/75 scale look no different than 1/64 scale as I am mixing them with Race Medal figures. Check out my latest build video at www.diecastworldseries.com and look for the last video to see my grandstands diorama.

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CrazyEights 10/19/20

Bloody brilliant it is. Excellent craftsmanship.

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Blipside 10/19/20

I've heard that you have to go to the DARK WEB!  (think of that in an eerie voice).

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dr_dodge 11/1/22

Just bought these, not cheap, but very nice detail

also, they are die cast and can (within reason) be bent to adjust positions

in model train stuff you can use poor quality figures in the background, and nice ones in front,
these are front row girls

  • American Diorama makes some good stuff, but as always, if you want quality, you're going to pay dearly for them. — SpyDude
  • I saw an article where a guy was (for trains) taking q-tips, a wire across under the tip, dipping them in flesh colored paint, and using them in the background, blocked with nice figures so that all you could see was head/shoulders. That would work good for filling grandstands — dr_dodge
  • the guy did a platform that have at least 40-60 people, only about 10 were actual figures — dr_dodge


You can produce it yourself with SLA printer. It's very detailed and fun to paint. You can print as much as you want for the price of 3-5 models. It is possible to find sample models in stl format. There are examples on web pages like thingiverse.

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GT_Diecast 12/14/22

I've seen them on slanman's customs page on Facebook but they're  a little bit pricy  

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dr_dodge 12/14/22

Just last night I bought off the death star (amazon) 2 batches of 100 people 
Under $10 each
I will report back on quality
even though slightly smaller scale, hoping it will make some grandstand fillers

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