Light time is the right time

AbbyNormal Sunday, 5/19/2024

Well my stage 1 test track is up and running helping me test and sort out cars and test mods. I hope to add a second 180 and more track, but for now adding the adding the LEDs will have to do. All the cars run a bit snappier and I can have festive night operations.


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JBlotner42 5/19/24

Well done sir! I need to do something like that for my track.

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dr_dodge 5/19/24

I am gonna get into the starter/timer build stuff

any good advice?

pretty slick testing track!


  • Happy to help. Are you thinking of building one using an arduino. — AbbyNormal
  • I have 2 arduinos and 2 older pi's, and a pi nano that I have "purchased over time" in the electromics scrounge bin — dr_dodge
  • plan is a pi to run a TV, keep track of racing, and each track gets it's own arduino — dr_dodge
  • (yes, at this point, I have 6 mini tracks, so far) — dr_dodge
  • That sounds pretty amazing! There are plenty of ‘how to’ vids out there - my main comment is to use hardware interrupts for your timing triggers on the arduinos. — AbbyNormal

I like where your head's at. I think a race track lit by LED's could look really cool on camera

  • agreed, and sections of clear roadway may be cool, too — dr_dodge
  • I mentioned EP Videos in the thread already, so as another example SilverFox Racing really upped his presentation with an LED string of white bulbs along his open track dragstrip. The strobing effect in night racing elevated the show quite well! — Chris_Hood
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AbbyNormal 5/19/24

Just ordered a 180 from Slanman customs which will allow me to almost double the track length while hopefully allowing faster speed. It's like an early birthday present for me - like really early. 

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Chris_Hood 5/20/24

Digging where this look is going, allowing for some fun night time races. Take a look at the work at EP Videos Diecast Racing prior to the current Pikes Peak track for some fine examples of how LED string lights can add so much pizzazz to the vibe! 

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