Customizing and TuningWhich cars/brands have FTE nickel axles?

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In light of some recent debate about what "FTE" really means, I'm looking for a some sort of list of car lines that have the nickel-plated axles, aka, FTE axles.

I know the High Speed Wheel line does too but which others? Probably not a long list, but I don't know for sure.

And if anyone knows if brands other that Hot Wheels (MBX, JL) have a comparable feature in a line, please share those as well.

Hot Ones - '80s series of Hot Wheels that have thin, FTE-like axles.

Ultra Hots - much like the Hot Ones except continued until the '90s before using normal axles.

Gold Medal Speed - '90s series of Hot Wheels that have gold Lace Wheels with shiny, FTE-like axles.

Color Racers - '80s series of Hot Wheels that have nickel plated axles.

Color FX - '90s version of Color Racers.

Color Shifters - modern version of Color Racers.

Does that include the more recent line of Hot Ones, or just the 80s incarnation?

Only the originals.
any winners i have, have had '05- '06 FTEs...thanks bernie !
Hey Schmitty, is Bernie still around?
far as i know, had a guy look to buy it all, don't know if he did?

Is Bernie the only source for FTE Axles?   I've been having a tough time finding FTE in my area.  I have a grand total of 1 car...would like more 

Is Bernie a member of C4?
charm city collectors club in Baltimore.
Thank you Tracksurgeon

Late 90s Hot Wheels cars that are made in China have FTE axles. However, the wheels are bad quality.

Just wondering if any of these have plastic bases (not metal on metal). 

Does this include all color shifters? I found a 5 car set of color shifters the same price as regular cars, and was wondering if it was worth grabbing for the nickel axles...

All color shifters have nickel-plated axles. However, newer color shifters have bad-quality wheels.

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