Who donated cars?

redlinederby Saturday, 7/31/2010
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This is crazy embarrassing, but I don't remember who donated the cars that included the Ferrari 365.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Package also had a Lots Esprit and lot of FTEs.

I know I got boxes of cars from Variation Jason (which I have all accounted for), Mark at Rave Grooves, and there was a third that I don't recall who.

There was a period where I received a couple donation car packages and due to my lack of organizing at the time, I don't remember who donated what.

Cars from the last package are on this page:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/themorning ... 02/?page=8

I'm doing my best to label all the donations in the league to give some props. Just want to make sure I don't leave anyone out. If you donated and can claim some of your cars, please post. Thanks!


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JDC442 7/31/10

I believe those are the cars that I sent you Brian. I cut the tops off the packages to fit more in the shipping box. A lot of the cars in this cool pic from the blog topic "Preview, new cars for season two" are the ones I donated.
Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox
Great pic, and yes my feelings are a bit hurt that you didn't know this.

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JDC442 8/1/10

Hi Brian, hope you know I was just joking about the hurt feelings, mostly I know you were crazy busy at the time and things can slip by at times like that. No hard feelings!
My donations included:
lime green Dodge Concept Car
purple 16 Angels
red Ferrari 365
silver F355 Spider
Symbolic FTE
gold GT Racer
Lotus Esprit FTE
Phastasm FTE
Anglia FTE
Honda Spocket FTE
wt '69 Firebird T/A FTE
blu '57 Chevy
Pontiac Rageous

I also donated a black '69 Charger w/ flames not pictured with this set. You do have one pictured on page 3 of your cars, but you might have had that one already in your collection. I never listed the cars I sent you, I just made my list from the cars pictured at the end of your photo stream. The photos of these cars you took are so crisp, they look far better here then they did in the package. Glad to see them out and ready to race in the League!!

Looking through all the cars pictured in your Flickr account, I see you have quite the sweet collection. A very nice collection Brian, and many cars not seen in the Fantasy league thus far. It's quite interesting that the number of cars in this collection is '442', could this mean anything???

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redlinederby 8/1/10
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Thanks for confirming you cars, sorry if I lost track. There was short span where I got several donation packages and I had them all tossed into a box marked "to photograph" - I'm still trying to get my organization of cars down. I need more bins or something, one marked "to photograph", another with "add to league", one "in the league" and one "not in the league"

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markkaz 8/7/10

I sent about 35 cars in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box. I know
there were an handful or two of the first Faster Than Ever cars.

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markkaz 8/7/10

I just notice that you have a little handshake icon indicating
who donated the racer. That is very much appreciated!

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