Why can't I enter my track in the directory?

Offroadfun2468 Saturday, 12/4/2021

Sorry, but I am trying to enter my track for the directory but it won't let me even though I entered all the necessary information.  PLEASE HELP!!


It needs to be approved by mod first, if you submitted it, thats all you need. They just haven't seen it yet.

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redlinederby 12/4/21
Site manager

Tracks don't need to be approved, they go right in. But I do review them and will remove any ones that don't have photos or info.

But I need more details to know why you're having issues. If the site is showing you any errors or anything like that...? And at which point in the process it's giving you an error. You can PM me with all the details...no need to muck up the forum with it :)

I tried to enter my track and said that an error had occoured. I did not upload a photo because it did not have a box for it.

  • It has one, but first you must click the Next page I think and there you can upload the photos — InsaneG
  • I fill the whole first page and after I fill in everything it says an error occoured, deletes my paragraph about my track, and sends me back to square one. — Offroadfun2468
  • Thanks for the info. I'll see what I can figure out. Sorry for the trouble. — redlinederby

Did redlinederby just enter a test track for me??

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