Will the Car Culture lines ever make it easier to find mainlines?

redlinederby Thursday, 4/20/2017
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Over at Lamley Group they've been talking about the Car Culture line that Hot Wheels has release over the past year...the line that includes the Japan Historics and so on. These are premium cars - in that they cost more than $1 - and by all rights they're awesome. They look great, they're well made and have all the little extras you would expect for a higher price.

I'm not a big Collector of cars, per se. I like to find cars I don't have but I rarely chase variations and don't even worry about TH's or anything like that. I'm more looking for the "complete collection" kind of thing rather than colors and tampos (although when they look bad ass, I'll grab them).


The Car Culture line is $3+ per car. Collectors are going after them big time because they're great looking cars with nice little features. 

My wonder is if as Mattel continues to release lines that are squarely targeted at collectors and not the "average" toy-buying consumer, will it ever be easier to find the same-model mainlines on the pegs?

I know that's very broad thought and frankly, I know sniping mainline cars will always be something that plagues us all, but even if it makes finding those mainliners a little easier, I'd be happy.

If I want a Bluebird Datsun for my collection, I just need one...and a mainline at that. I don't need the Real Riders or the metal chassis or any extras. For the most part, I'm looking to race these things (and maybe even bust em open). I'm not a premium buyer nor collector.

I'd like to think if Mattel can keep up their Car Culture line quality, it might make it easier for the rest of us to find cars we want on the pegs rather than having to hustle online and overpay. I think I've talked before about how I still like "the hunt" in the store rather than online scouring eBay...physical shopping is just more fun to me, but it's also been less and less exciting thanks to all the collectors clearing out shelves.

I'll certainly purchase a Car Culture model or two if I see them. They won't get raced but a lot of them just look amazing.



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KandORacing 4/24/17

Mainlines are dead, the whole collecting hobby has been ruined by dirtbags that are only in it for money and the ones that make sure to sneakily get cars for sale a whole year before they're even supposed to be out on the pegs. Peg hunting's done thanks to terrible stocking habits by retailers, online sellers and all that, I don't think it will ever be easy to find mainlines out there anymore. It's a different era now, technology and the internet seem to ruin a lot of things and Hot Wheels collecting is one of them. I hate to sound rude but it's my honest opinion. 

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redlinederby 4/24/17
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That's fair, I share a lot of that feeling...although I probably won't call it "dead" just yet.

I was just hoping/thinking that maybe with the influx of lines aimed at collector's that they'll lay off the "low quality" mainlines more, so they'll be more left for the rest of us. Alas, you're probably right...it's a systemic problem that goes beyond the collector, especially when you start talking about greasing palms at Walmart or whatever.

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KandORacing 4/26/17

I wish they'd bring back the old 100% line. Those were the coolest cars they ever made speaking in terms of detail. Tough thing to produce and sell now with the cost to make those kind of cars sadly. I forgot to mention inflation as one of the things that has really hurt mainlines. I've seen some of my favorite cars get plastic bases recently because of cost cutting. I miss the full metal '67 Camaro with the opening hood. 

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redlinederby 4/26/17
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Cost to produce has certainly had an impact but at the same time, it lets them move those full metal type cars into non-mainline status and charge a bit more...which is fair. I'd probably do the same thing (even if the cost to produce didn't go up). 

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LeagueofSpeed 4/26/17
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Plastic bases have been more the norm for quite sometime now, sad but true....mainly hurts from a racing standpoint.....collecting/sitting in a case...not so much.

  • They've been skimping on the bodies a lot too. A lot more plastic these days. And yeah, we're selfish! — redlinederby
  • true....not a fan of plastic bodies — LeagueofSpeed
  • Bet you won't see that big old Chevy Panel Truck in all metal in the mainline again! — KandORacing
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