Track Building and BuyingWood Plank track base... Dual lane starter

I thought I might make some stuff that could be easily mounted to a 6" x 1" x 6' plank base...

  Here goes, a dual lane, retainer pins starter unit, [3 and an extra screws included], [2] wood screws go through the starter and into the TOP of the plank, [1] screw goes into the END of the plank..

Note the END hole to the right of center, the horizontal 5/16"- 18 bolt lets you screw on another nut till that end is heavy enough to retain the cars [no elastics or springs] ;

Brass handle, a 3/8" stroke starts the cars, pins are 2" apart, the cardboard box is to resemble the plank's position ;

top 2 mounting screws are about 5" apart

a little chrome duct tape, white paint, a dual lane track anchor and 2 short track sections with "pin" holes ;

hmmm.... use an eye screw to anchor the starter to the wood, run a cord through it and tie it around the brass handle... poof ! remote starter...

Wow,missed this before.great build!!!!

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