World record looping track in India

redlinederby Thursday, 9/30/2021
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Caught this in my feed this morning...some folks over in India set the world record for a looping Hot Wheels track, 10 in total. And while I say "bravo" to those guys, I'm also thinking, "10 loops, that's it?"

I imagine it won't be long before someone builds a monster looping track with like 20 loops or something. From the roof of the house on down. Someone get on that...


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Chaos_Canyon 9/30/21

This feels like something the Canyon needs to take on :)

  • with those boosters from Hill Climb should be piece of cake :D — revesburger
  • revesburger - just depends if it has to be gravity only for the record, which would add complexity when you get to a bigger scale but could still be a lot of fun :) — Chaos_Canyon
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revesburger 10/1/21

even the current world record for longest Hot Wheels track isn't event that long, if you think about it. the challenge would be if it's gravity only... but even though, should not be hard to beat if you have enough money to invest

Cool little setup. I'm imagining the cars will get a bit of speed due to that steep angle.

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Big_Al 10/2/21

I don't understand how world records work.  I looked on the ol YouTube and saw that there was a previous record of 7, gravity fed, loops.  That was set last year at the Chicago Auto Show.  Seems like maybe a lot of loops is hard.  Except then I found this video: . It seems like the world record has already been obliterated, so why don't these folks have the record?

  • I actually looked this up after the initial post. It's only a world record if you officially register it. It's a bit of a pain to go through, and you need adjudicators etc. But that final run of 36 loops was impressive. Although, I gotta wonder how many kids are gonna fall the roof attempting this — Chaos_Canyon
  • Interesting... — Big_Al
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