Your slowest Hot Wheels?

Kevblokey Thursday, 8/19/2021

Hi gang,

Just run another of my 'King of the Garage' races and these two Riley & Scott MkIIIs were in the qualifiers. Neither of them made it to the finish line (very rare in a straight lane drag race) due to the very low front splitter acting as a plough and rubbing against the track, very disappointing.

it made me wonder, which castings do you find are terrible through design, I'm not talking about bent axles or other defects, just solely based on it being a poor track car?


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redlinederby 8/19/21
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Any car with a front spoiler thing are always a worry. I think I recall the Amazoom casting doing some track rubbing too due to it being very low to the track.

Although few and far between, I know there are some (older) castings that were pretty wide and they actually rubbed the walls with their wheel wells and body. The Porsche 911 was very fat and sometimes had trouble on older track styles with higher walls, particularly at the track joints. It's probably not so much an issue now with lower walls but I haven't tried.

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