Box Canyon Loop at Psychedelic Speedway (Retired)

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Road course



***  This track has been retired  *** 
***  Watch for Build Journal for Box Canyon Loop 2.0, or whatever we call it  ***

This track takes drivers on a journey from the top of a box canyon down to the very bottom of the walled-in terrain.  Starting at a nearly 5-foot-tall tower and shooting down a straightaway made up of pieces from the Thundershift 500 track set, cars then take a dramatic 210-degree eliptical turn to the left, crossing under the previoius length of track as they hit the wide-open Fat Track and descend toward a banked 220-degree turn to the right. 

Turn two is built from an Augmoto 180-degree turn and the surviving remnant of the unfortunately stepped-upon-and-crushed middle piece of the other 180-curve from the same Augmoto set. 

Some cardboard and epoxy helped to make turn 2 into a giant banked turn that leads to a straightaway that crosses under the 2nd straightaway and into a giant cave and turn 3.  Turn three is a Sizzler track 180-degree turnabout 9 inches off the ground.  A short straight chute leads to a 90-degree turn to the right.  Turn 4 is made up of the two end pieces of the aforementioned, ill-fated Augmoto curve.

Turn four exits onto the final stretch before the finish line.  This short straightaway is only 20" long before plunging into a tunnel in the side wall of the canyon.

The course is the official track of Diecast Racing Report events and home of Gen-X Vintage Racing and their sister team, Just Another Pop Culture Reference. Races focus on vintage cars actually made/cast pre-1995, modern castings of vintage cars, and charity racing.

Walls of the canyon are made of layers of colored burlap to resemble layers of sandstone.  Other diorama features include a replica of Cadillac Ranch (near Amarillo, TX on Route 66), and Spindle (the sculpture formerly in Berwyn, IL and featured in the movie "Wayne's World").