Circuit of MAYHEM

Managed by AlamoCityDiecastRacing

About this track

If you could race down a track with multiple turns,switchbacks, suspension bridges and a 900 corkscrew, would you dare take it on? Well then, welcome to CIRCUIT of MAYHEM!! Where you'll take on Fury Road, giant worm monsters, and zip past a zombie horde! You'll even need to dodge a battle between GI Joe and Cobra while making your way to the finish line, TRYPTICON!

Just like most of you, I was bitten by the 3dbotmaler bug during the lockdown lol 

The track itself is about 4 feet of hot wheels track and 4 sets of Crash Racers! I used leftover PVC and pallet boards for the construction. Due to the lack of space, I decided to build it around all of my collectibles and comics in my Nerd Cave my wife so graciously let me have. I'm hoping to get some races going very soon, especially with Halloween around the corner. Hope to see you at MAYHEM!