Clark-Pleasant Middle School International Raceway and Proving Grounds

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 63 ft.
  • Lanes: 3
  • Built by: CPMS_Raceway


CPMS International Raceway and Proving Grounds - We chose this name because the track is housed at Clark-Pleasant Middle School. We are fortunate to have students from all around the world, and in addition to just having fun, we also get to conduct trials, learn about friction, variables, as well as potential and kinetic energy!

This project is being built in the back of my classroom. We have a recess period that we plan to utalize for racing and experimenting. Might even start an after school club. I teach sixth grade and am getting a ton of interest and help from my kiddos. I will post more photos as our build continues. Next step will be landscaping of some type.

The start is a three-lane elctronic starting gate made by JHLKrafts.  From there traditional orange track is utilized nested within coroplast straits to a three-lane 180* turn also made by JHLKrafts. Orange track again through four JHLKrafts chicanes.  A final three-lane 180* then drops to the last stretch of orange lanes leading to an open coroplast straight and finally a JHLKRafts electronic finish line.