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About this track

Ice Mountain will exist for one tournament. The "Frozen Four Banger" 2023.

LYDC was invited to participate as the final leg of the event as this track was being designed to return as the "Baja Drag." As things developed for LYDC to move back to Texas this track unfortunately gets a brief life for the single event before it morphs into the "Waterloo Run," an open rally style course that will host Vans Gone Wild 2023 and one other event called the MBX Ford Rally. Both are small invitationals due to timing with our move coming soon. Both tournaments will run on slightly different tracks modded from the bones of Ice Mountain.

This course was built from scratch using thin smooth handy panels as the road surface and very low profile pvc shoe molding as guide rails. White paint gives it an icy snow world look to fit the F4B theme. The start gate is one of kind and is custom built by SlanMan Customs. It features a 4 lane wide moto-style electronic gate with extra width built in to the resting start positions. This allows for larger castings. There are no connectors for hot wheels track as this was purposely designed to merge into the 1/8" wood composite paneling that makes up the road surface. The transition is as smooth and perfect as a standard stock gate. The finish line timer system is stock from SlanMan Customs. Timing speed is slowed down to 50%.

Three rails set in the road surface act as dividers for the lanes. The laned section ends at 3' down from the starting hill. This takes the competitors into a wide open track featuring a mild jump near the end which merges into 3' of Mattel Fat Track at the flat finish line area. The point system is check-point based. 

Overall, this was a quick and simple course to build and we're looking forward to the F4B event as well as the expanded versions of this track that will host 2 more tournaments, both with unique track variations, before we depart Ohio and head back to Texas to build the Deep Eddy Raceway.