Meal Ticket Raceway

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About this track

Im a inventor. I makes things better. I saw how some people race on there track on youtube. I was trying to find something fun and clean to do. Never got into hotwheel years ago. I been racing diecast cars over 3 years. Have over 6k all most 7k stop counting. Long story short. I want to make it my Job in 2 years from now. Have a regluar youtube show. 1 I race by name Ticket #1- until i race all my cars which is never. And the other race is where all who join my Facebook page MTR can enter once a month in Gone In 60 Sec. Thats were you win prizes. Money, hotwheel cars or etc from my collection you can pick or you can send me one to race. You name a diecast car you want to race and i will send you some pic of what i have and you pick one and you are enter in the race. up to 60 cars that why its gone in 60 sec. But if I dont have 60 cars I race what I have.