Old Yadkin Valley Speedway

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 61 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Funkhouser_DRL


Nestled in the foothills of North Carolina, Old Yadkin Valley Speedway is fan favorite of classic stock car racing. Overlooking the muddy Yadkin River, the speedway follows portions of the same old dirt roads moonshiners would kick up gravel on as they ran from the law down into the valley. Over the years these shiners would boast over who had the best and fastest cars, as they turned the valley into a thunder road! Theses races would bring spectators from around the small towns of the valley and then over the years from around the state. The narrow dirt roads would be transformed into asphalt over the years and the racing got even more exciting.  However as the sport of stock car racing grew it left its roots behind and the track that once filled with roaring thunder fell silent and into despair. Today the track has been resurrected, following portions of the historic road course, it transitions into a modern stock car racing venue. Once again bringing in fans from the small towns into the old grandstands, and hopefully soon from around the world.