Rust Belt Raceway Park

Total length
Drag strip


  • Style: Drag strip
  • Total length: 14 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: RustBeltRacing


The Home of Rust Belt Racing and the legendary Sky Drop, Rust Belt Raceway Park is a multi-track diecast racing complex. The SkyDrop is our main two lane drag strip. Pinball Run is a zig zag chaos course. The Sledding Hill is an open lane drag strip with a rolling hill. Tiki Tommy's Jungle Jump is our road course. We are currently hosting mail-in events at our Facebook group and YouTube channel.

We run live daily races in our Facebook group where teams and individuals compete head to head to win custom built diecast cars. All you need to do to enter as a driver is comment on the daily post. You can get in on the action here...