Smokey Mountain Raceway

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Road course



It all started when we were introduced to marble racing, and that led to hotwheel racing where we found (as I'm sure everybody did at one point and time) 3DBotmaker. We loved that idea, so we tried it out a small track with HotWheel's track and old slot car track, and that sorta worked, but nah, not good enough. A track made with crashracers turns and wood straights? Better, but not good enough. Then we built the same track that was used to start LRL, our first tournament being the NASCAR tournament. Eventually, that diorama didn't look good enough, so we decided to rebuild the whole thing. Plus, there were things on the old track that couldn't be worked out without rebuilding. Now we have SMR,home to the original continuous diecast racetrack. We would LOVE IT if you head over to our channel and subscribe and let us know how you like it.