The Vortex

Managed by die_castinn

About this track

"The Vortex has gone and continues to go through different track designs.  I am hoping to begin to build a final track sometime in mid May.  I am due to move, and this is the reason for the delay.  Until then, I've been videoing races and adding content on my youtube and facebook pages. My track measurments are general and because I change the track design so much to see what works and what I like, this is what they are for now.   

I hope you enjoy not only watching the progress of the build, but all the other things I am and will be adding to the racing experience.  Storylines, sound and visual effects and the like.  Nothing too serious and hopefully not offensive to anyone.  First and foremost is to race and have fun.  

I do view diecast racing as a true sport.