Widowmaker Run

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 45 ft.
  • Lanes: 3
  • Built by: WidowmakerRun


Updated as of June 24, 2021

Widowmaker Run on YouTube

No mail-ins yet....maybe in 2022.

Widowmaker Run Track Rules.
1. If you fit the start gate, you can race. Up to 3 inches wide or so, slightly larger than 1/43 scale. No limits on length, weight, or lubrication type.
2. Time Attack races: 2 runs on each lane. No re-runs for a DNF.
3. Head 2 Head races: One and done...Win or DIE. If both cars DNF, race will be re-run. Loser will be Eliminated.
4. Winner stays the Champion forever until defeated.
5. Cars can challege the current Champions at any time by pre-staging in an open pit area on Death Row.
6. No formal tournament brackets....ever.
7. Each cars 1st attempt will be Time Attack, then Head 2 Head. Any further attempts is drivers choice.
8. Challenge requests & Grudge matches are REQUIRED in the comments on Youtube videos. Spectators and Drivers can make any race request they want, Drivers will take priority over spectators. You can even get crazy and request a 4 car race, or a 3 car race all starting in the same lane in single file....but no more than 6 cars at any time as they won't fit in the start gate.
9. Each 1st of the month, the current Time Attack Champion and the Head 2 Head Champion can request Widowmaker Run to build a casting of their choice as long as I have it in my 5,000 car inventory, to be added to Death Row. Widowmaker Run will own/operate/drive the custom vehicle.
10. These rules and required requests are meant to make this a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE racing event. Not just me dictating who races who and in what format.