1:32 / 1:24 / 1:18 Scale Racing, Anyone Interested.

Garden_Super_Speedway_Park Saturday, 2/18/2023

3 of my out door tracks are built to accommodate 1:32's. 


DINO RUN and PHOENIX HILLS. can race 1:24.

DINO RUN can race 1:18.

I would like to here from the audience or builders, if you would be interested in doing a mail in tournament in these scales.  I have been messaging around with a few cars in these scales. As durable as some are, others are more fragile and would need strengthening.  Steering cars become a problem with the 1:18.  I have been putting a great deal of thought into how to rebuild with a solid axle.  Just haven't been able to put it into practice.  I have tried glueing the steering im-mobile.  Not so successful.  One of the wheels inevitably breaks. I do have a 1:18 scale Hotwheels Saleem S7 with solid axles. I put car battery sleeves in it. Very fast.

1:32 & 1:24 have been great fun. We lose bumpers and things. The crash action can be spectacular fun. 1:24 are single car endurance distance racing only on the DINO RUN. They can go side by side on the PHOENIX HILLS, non devided The ANACONDA MOUNTAIN 4x4 PATH races 1:32 scale in devided lanes side by side.

The PHOENIX HILLS is the Orange/Red. Wide track. 

The ANACONDA MOUNTAIN 4x4 PATH is the other. 

What do you think. Proes and Cons. 



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dr_dodge 2/18/23

I'm in, all scales 1/24 and under

I plan on using slot car wheels and axles,

I was gonna send you a pair of brass chassis home made sprint cars to try, if you wanted

for chassis, I have used these as a base for 1/24th slot cars, great chassis

that is what the sprint cars are

This is the basic brass "roller skate I buy

3 front axle holes, and and unbolt in the middle extendable 

For modding, they also bend nice, as well as drill and solder to

and they are tough!

the rear takes bushings, and I think the front could benefit from them, too

1/8 axles 

  • This is exciting. I have only just begun to conceive the idea of full ground up customization. It is only recently that I was able to come up with 32 pull back wined up cars. I also have several free wheel cars. I am interested in the idea of bearings to help with wheel spin. You mentioned tough. This is important, for the the cars can take a beating if they don't land the jump area right. Thank you for the info... — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park
  • I would be happy to receive a car for testing purposes. — Garden_Super_Speedway_Park

I saw your post on how you created a suspension 4x4.  I am looking for such modifications for the ANACONDA MOUNTAIN 4x4 path.  Noby tires only.  Perhaps even rubber tires.  Can I interest you in submitting a truck.  I think Greenlight and M2 trucks will be best for size and weight.

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