1:64 scale decals

Bolo_Brown Wednesday, 3/9/2022

Do anybody know a good website that I can get some 1:64 scale decals  I am looking for some numbers different colors & flame some lightning's different colors.  I'm also would like to have some of my logos as well.


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RLoRacing 3/9/22

Hey Bolo, you can try eBay first or Josh Paufler at Rust Belt Customs.

i also use bedlam creations. I'm sure you remember the R-Lo logos on the hoods of the cars I sent to you. He's a bit pricey and takes long but best quality for sure and you can get ones from him that show up on darker paint. 

This website has some nice decals.... 


  • Wow they got some nice stuff and prices are very reasonable — Bolo_Brown
  • I've gotten some from MCHW and they're top notch. They will also custom print for you if you need a good quantity. But for generic-ish stuff, they can't be beat. And their offering of licensed logos and stuff is also great. Scooby Doo!! — redlinederby
  • Totally agree. Most decals I've bought, I get from them. Great service and reasonable prices. Other than that I buy decal paper and print my own. — Chaos_Canyon
  • I like to print my own also, creativity is the limit! — G_ForceRacing
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MadMike 3/10/22

Milo custom shop 

And diecast details on fb are also good choices especially if u want white toner decals

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Clint 3/10/22

Innovative Hobby from ebay. I put them on your car and used a sealer. Looks good!

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johnson9195 8/5/22

Also check out hhwcustoms. They have some inexpensive decals and a lot of different headlights.

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GspeedR 8/22/22

As far as number and striping decals go, Ultracal has been offering 1/64th racing decals for many decades. They're marketed for the slotcar hobby but are appropriately sized for most 1/64th scale diecast. They are peel and stick but are made from very thin material (mylar?). If applied correctly, they will contour to the tightest body curves and won't wear/rub off like water transfer decals can.



Great question Bolo.  I've been curious myself.  Lots a great answers!

I bought some from Mod My Ride off ebay and they are pretty good decals... 

I've got a 1960 El Camino, and wanted it to be sponsored by Jolly Rancher, to fit it's back story in my Lotta Speed Showroom.

I just simply cut out the "Jolly Rancher" from a wrapper, and put some plumping effect nail polish to keep it on, and got the plumping effect so it might kind of magnify the look. 

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