2006 Nissan Skyline (Dropstars Series 5/5)

Bandeezee Wednesday, 4/28/2010

If anyone sees a 2006 Nissan Skyline (Dropstars Series 5/5) with 10 spoke wheels, let me know. I've seen plenty of the Open Hole 5 spoke model on eBay for pretty cheap, but I can't find a 10 spoke model. It makes me think it may be a kind of rare variation. I'm not sure if it's a rare variation, but it's just been really hard to find. It just looks so sweet, I have to have it.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

So, if anybody sees one for sale somewhere or on a website, let me know and if the price is right, I'll nab it



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drosales 6/3/10

I have on it is gold and REALLY slow... Not fast at all save your money lol

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Bandeezee 6/4/10

gold? That sounds like a different year. This particular car is from 2006 (#60) and 5/5 of the Dropstars segment series. Thanks for the input on speed, but I really just like the look of it. The 10 spoke wheels look so much better than the 5 spoke version on this car.

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