How can you organize 6 lane drag brackets?

Speed_Demon29 Tuesday, 8/8/2023

I'm hosting a diecast derby as part of our Fall Festival this year but i'm a little stuck on how to do the brackets. I'm using the Hot Wheels 6-lane track that's been extended out to 24' feet and plan to run all 6 lanes at once to help speed up the event. Most brackets I've seen are for 1-on-1 racing. Has anyone done a 6 lane tournament before and/or know how to work this into a bracket format?


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dr_dodge 8/9/23

I have never run a 6 lane race

wish I had some world changing advice

But I have been writing rules for my track, and I would suggest, get 12-18 cars, and run a fake race
(don't even need the track, just fake the winners)

figure single or double elims

write notes on what you did and liked, do it again with the track, and get an idea of how long it takes to run a field.

I am currently running my 1st home fun race and sorting out the rules for Jamestown


I use a 6 lane! Watch how I did the bracket.

And here is my tournament...

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redlinederby 8/9/23
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Hmmmm...and you're using the 6-Lane finish line too, right? So only the winner is shown...that's tricky, otherwise just keep track of the 1-on-1 match ups. would take forever to execute but cycling cars between each lane sounds fair. Basically a round robin for each lane. Every car gets a run on every lane and then track. The car that has the most wins is the champ. If speed and efficiency is your goal with the 6 lanes, this is probably not a good idea, but an idea nonetheless!

Or maybe remove the winning car after every run and it whittles down setting the positions. Six cars race, then 5, then 4, then 3, then 2...and you have your Top 6 podium right there. You could have 24 cars in the field, put them in groups of 6. When you get down to the final 4, just do normal head-to-head until you get a champ.

Just some ideas, I guess...hopefully will spark something. Just be sure to share what you choose so others can use it too.

I'm doing my first race too. I'm also on the Super 6 and what I did was made 6 teams of 6. I was going to do 6 runs as then each car would run in each lane, but felt some might not like to 6,6,6 symbology, so I went with 4 runs. shuffle each car from edge, 1 inward, 1 inward, mirror the first run. 

I recorded the first 2 heats yesterday and it worked well, but I won't know how its recieved until posting on Friday.

  • Mine are all just my own cars too, in case you're doing a mail in — IdRatherDieCast
  • "not like to 6,6,6 symbology" lol, some of the little details we have to pay attention to — dr_dodge

Thanks for the input everyone. Here's what I have come up works in theory. I'm anticipating around 90-100 cars so I broke this down into 6 groups with 18 cars in each group. Still tweaking things and thinking about making the final round a Best 2 of 3 Race for the championship.

  • Are you taking the Top 2 from each group set of 6 to make up your middle battle of 6? Seems like you'd only get 1 winners from each subgroup, into 3-way battle, drop the slowest = 2 that advance — redlinederby

I will share tho... The lanes on the 6 lane sometimes are not consistant. Example Lane 5 will be faster than lanes 1, 2, and 3 so its easy to put the car that you want to win in Lane 5. I really went down a rabbit hole with my lane and I ran my two fastest cars on each lane to see which ones were the fastest.

On my track it is lane 1 and 3 that are the most consistant and the fastest with my fastest cars. I just try to keep everything fair because when it comes to tournament time and posting it on youtube, it makes it much better. Especially when guys take the time to send in their cars, I wouldn't put mine in lane 1 and put the guest racer in lane 5, I know I would win and it would be unfair so thats why it's important to try to find your fastest lanes. This is my experiance with the hotwheels 6 lane raceway.

I just race them 2 at a time because I know my fastest lanes are 1 and 3. But if you have 3 or 4 lanes that are consistant then it would be good to race 4 at a time etc. I hope this helps.

  • Track calibration was always a struggle for me, albeit with my homebrew track and only 2 lanes. Trying to calibrate 6 will certainly be a challenge. But just do your best and take it into account if you need. — redlinederby
  • I have not built my launcher yet, and have thought about making each lane "stagered" to make up for one lane being longer. I wonder if the gates could be adjusted to balance between lanes better — dr_dodge
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