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70 Years of the Corvette (Full Roster)

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Jesus 3/20/23

Is a spot available?

Can you count me in pls.

J&J trucking (Team)

Driver: Jesus. 

I'm new to this page. 

  • The race is currently full, but I can put you as an alternate. — Sneaky_Bob
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Sneaky_Bob 4/5/23

Just a quick note for all you builders.

  1. Secure your weight in your car with either Epoxy or E6000 craft glue. 5 cars had their weight come loose during the Lightning Strikes Twice Tournament.
  2. There is no grace for the weight. Make sure your car is under the maximum. I will no longer make modifications to make your car legal for the event.

cool! I'm happy that my car arrived! I had some problems in the last few month with the shipping... i have no idea what's the problem on the customs control... 

I hope that the weights will stay on their place ;)

I wish you all a great tournament on a great track!!! 

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Jesus 5/13/23

Put me in as alternate pls. 

Driver: Chuy

Fort Stockton TX 

Team: J&J Trucking 

Number: any.

She is on her way should arrive just in time 

Wish your event every success and good luck to all!

Should make great viewing !

Cheers, Marc D

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On my way today....pedal to the metal....will make it on Friday.....

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No....the decals came from WWreplicas

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In route to the Treetops Raceway 

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Numbskull 5/18/23

Numbskull Racing is on the way. 

For a rush build, I'm happy with it. While the paint is nothing special on this one; the tuning got plenty of attention. ;) Good luck to everyone!

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