A brief history of race clubs in one pile of stickers

redlinederby Monday, 10/30/2023
Site manager

I recently found a stash of club stickers during some cleanup around the house. Not sure how many of these are still racing...I know a few ceased operations quite some time ago, but cool to see a little history here.

And obviously this is only a small fraction of clubs that have come and gone over the years. I acquired most of these from mail-in entries when I was hosting races pre-2021...haven't run any mail-ins for a while. Looking to maybe hop back on the horse next year...anyway...



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dcdautos 10/30/23

Nice collection, a couple of Canadian racing teams are too cool.

I am new to this hobby, and this inspired me to create my own sticker.

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Fat_Dad 10/30/23

Being new but having watched hours and hours of races from across the past 3-4 years on YouTube, means those look very familiar.

I have been envious of some of those and other individual and team stickers/logos so I asked an AI image creator to design one for me (I'm crap at that type of design work) and I thought I'd share a couple I thought weren't bad and possibly usable:


  • there are no fat dads — dr_dodge
  • lol...they look good — dr_dodge
  • Putting that AI to good use! — redlinederby
  • At first glance they look decent…but then you look closer and the spelling really gives it away… — Crazy_Canuck
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Crazy_Canuck 11/1/23

Now ya gotta go sticker something up...once you get going with mailings again I will have to send you some updated stickers...but glad to see the WNM SpeedShop and The EH Team being represented!!!

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RLoRacing 11/1/23

Nice to see you still have mine 

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