Adding weight at higher altitudes

North271racing Tuesday, 7/30/2019

hi all

im new to the mail in racing and have a quick question

i live at about 2500 ft elevation and was wondering if I made a car that weighs say 50 grams here at 2500’ elevation would it weigh the same at say sea level or say at Denver?




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redlinederby 7/30/19
Site manager

Don't sweat it. It shouldn't matter. An item's weight doesn't change...if it weighs 45g on your scale at your elevation, it'll weigh the same elsewhere. I think to make a significant impact on perceived weight, you'd have to be like super high in the stratosphere.

If you took a 250 pound man to the moon, he's still 250 pounds, just the gravity impact is less. Takes a lot of distance away from the earth to change gravity.

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