Any luck splitting lanes?

IdRatherDieCast Tuesday, 8/22/2023

I see multiple lane merger options out there. Is there a way to split lanes without ending up with a mess of cars just stopping or jumping off the track?


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Chaos_Canyon 8/23/23

I have done it on one of my test tracks, using the exit to the corner, where they tend to be only one car wide and at the outside of the track, to push them all into one lane. Had very few hook ups of two cars, considering the amount I put through it.

Another option I looked at a few years ago was to use a long straight that is raised in the middle and bends to the outside edges, where they then turn back into single lanes on each side. Does add more mayhem at times, but it is doable if you have a long enough straight - I would say you would want a good 3 feet or 1m at least in order to get the cars to split off and not just get launched off the top of the raised middle section

  • I've had the same idea with the raised dividers but never bothered to engineer anything. Sounds like it's more feasible that I thought. I figured they'd just flip and/or get hung up on the divider bump. — redlinederby
  • Great, I was hoping this was possible! — IdRatherDieCast
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dr_dodge 8/23/23

I am having moderate success with the imbedded piano wire, various sizes, to direct cars

like the ribs do on crash track, overlayed with metal tape

I have a 1.5 car width squeeze. I am directing with track surface pretty well

try to take some pics or vid for ya this weekend


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Numbskull 8/25/23

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Mony_Mony 9/3/23

Hello, first post from a noob in Maryland USA.

We recently received a second-hand HW Garage that includes a Flip-Flop Gate integral to the starting line.  This would likely need modificaiton to be useable at speed, but thought I'd share this as a HW design reference.

Happy Racing

Close-ups showing simple design of this simple machine, held in place from below by a single screw on a washer:

  • The KISS principle... I like it! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • I got the parking tower yard sale, use them as trays. never saw that, but simple slip switch concert, it could sort multi car winners with enough of them, think switchyard — dr_dodge
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