Anyone Need Wheels For Mods?

Commotion_Diecast Thursday, 1/11/2024

These are taking up space in my shop. Great if you're tubing as some of the axels are bent. Lots of skinnies and all sorts of killer wheels. Hit me up if you're interested in around 2,000 wheel sets!


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StarCorps 1/11/24

... Thats a lot of wheels. Were these from farming or from... what? 

  • Farming and I’m friends with a custom builder who replaces them with rubber wheels. — Commotion_Diecast

I am... PM sent!


I have also sent you a message.  My house burned in November and 99+% of everything was incinerated.  Including all the diecast cars, parts, and tools.  At that point Ruckus went into an indefinite hiatus with the hope of someday returning.  As I continue to plod through this situation it has become apparentl that some form of hobby or recreation is going to be necessary.  Diecast racing has the ability to be budget friendly and confined to a small space (in theory).  I think I'll try and maintain sanity by turning out a car or three.  A good deal on some wheels seems a good place to start.

  • wow, sorry for your loss! hopefully everyone is ok! — dr_dodge
  • I hope you get everything situated well and relatively close to normal soon. Losing your home is rough, I know from experience, and your tools and die cast supplies is an extra gut punch. Good luck with everything. — LobotomyScam
  • Sorry for the loss and glad all are safe... I do not have much in stock pile to help out with but if you could shoot me a list of some items you would need IE: cars, supplies or something I could pick up I would be glad to help you get back at it.. Im new to this hobby and enjoy what I have done so far and looks like you are pretty into it before the fire.. — Desert_Rat_Racing
  • how you doing Ruckus?, as was said above, if you need anything, I'd send a package, too — dr_dodge
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SpyDude 1/12/24

Sounds good,. If no one else gets them, send them my way.

I could use some! 

I could use a few myself if there are any left.

Hmm there are so many, I could have some if there's left haha. Just send me some a bit for my mods even though im a stock guy

  • I just like to open the car from the blister, Drill it and using dry lube, and then if im in a mood i just add some a bit off decals — OP_Diecast_King
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EnZedRacing 2/5/24, that's a lotta tyres!  You could've actioned these off and made a "small" fortune! 

How many car wheels has your friend swamped?!?! He's in for some good buisiness!

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X2Whiskey 3/23/24

I wouldn't mind having a stash of wheels to pull from as I'm going to dive into the modding scene soon myself (currently building my drag strip).  Send me a PM if you still have some so I can front the postage!

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