Awesome new rally cross track

Chaos_Canyon Thursday, 4/22/2021

Just got put onto this new track and I think it's freaking awesome. Has a drift corner to start and looks mostly homemade track.

This is very much our style with lots of chaos elements to it :)


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WallyChamp73 4/22/21

I have got to get one of my rally builds on this AMAZING track!!!

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SpyDude 4/22/21

Wow, that's a wild track. Gotta see about getting a car together for it. Looks like that last section would benefit well from some full suspension mods.

  • I was thinking the exact same thing! — G4DiecastRacing
  • I wonder how well one of Sharon’s mods would work for drifting. — SpyDude
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Chaos_Canyon 4/22/21

Based on having a couple fo cars with suspension at the canyon, I don't think they would actually do that well on the rest of the track. The issue is the body roll. They roll so much side to side that it could negate the drift, and would make som eof the other corners difficult, however over the last rough drop area it would be perfect.

  • Good points, all. That washboard ending is rough on the cars. — SpyDude
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redlinederby 4/22/21
Site manager

That drift corner is pretty nifty. Wonder if it's a drift pad? 

I think if they added a little more speed after the drift corner it would help their action a lot. That washboard is rough to watch but pretty neat. Nice model making for to keep an eye on and maybe bring into the fold here a bit.

  • Same principle as the drift pad. You can see the angle in the track in some shots. The track is actually fast, it’s just the video is slowed down significantly, presumably so he has time to commentate the racing. Our new hill climb track is the same. In real life the cars fly through the track but getting the right playback speed, so you can see what’s going on and commentate it, while also trying to make it look scale fast is not an easy balance to get right. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Totally understand that...just feels too slow in this case. I'm one that doesn't think the action should take a backseat to the commentary. Although a good discussion point... — redlinederby
  • Hi All: I had no idea this would bring so much attention. I'm quite a newbie and the feedback does help. It is a drift pad? No, not straight from tyotoys. It works on the same principle. It's a negative camber turn made of coroplast, then painted, and covered with a matte finish to keep it slick. My commentary may come across as goofy. Obviously, I don't take myself too serious, but I can see how racing clubs may find it off putting. I've got a lot to learn and find the journey very enjoyable. Cheers everyone! -Mark H. — GravityThrottleRacing

Yeah, thanks CC.

Certainly a lot has gone into that build, and to get the run weighting right/tuned!!

Overall fantastic job!!    (Only the area in front of the finish I wince about!)

Thanks, race on!

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