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When: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Muscle Cars! Strip them of there paint and go racin'! Last year's race was a fun's a link to it...

The race will start in June, so you have quite a bit of time to get them ready

Just so I have a running count on the colors, I'll start a list here. So far it's...

Eastbound - Emerald Green

2Seven - I assume carbon fiber or flames (?)

Smitty - Black and White checkered

CCRider - Blue

Chevy C10 - Black and Orange

JDC442 - Pink 

CrzyTrkrDude/TrkrWife - Pink and Black

NightStalker - Metallic Purple

Wizard of Oz - Charcoal Gray

Traction Event - Light Green (I'm assuming he'd want Lt Green, anyway)

Voxxer Racing - Black, White and Red Stripes

MoHasFastCars - Copper

Delta 6 - Aqua w/White stripes

Redneck Racing - Green camo

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight minimum/maximum - one 40 gram car, one 57 gram car
  • Size restrictions; length and height - The usual, 1.3 high, 3.5 long orange track wide
  • Cars per entrant/household - 2 cars per team (one 40g, one 57g), 2 teams per person, max
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements - Muscle Cars...anything on this list
  • Wheel limitations, requirements FTE allowed
  • Must be drilled rivets
  • Dry lubes only
  • Misc requirements - If you look back at last year's Bare Muscle race, you will see that the cars are all stripped with a different color roof on each. Pretty cool stuff. Please paint your own roofs a unique "team" color. So, please post in this thread what color you will be using.
  • *New this year* Please keep the wheels in the wheel wells (they can stick out width-wise, juse no altering the wheelbase)...this isn't an altered drag car Way2Fast frames with a muscle car body on can still run whatever chassis you'd like, as long as the wheels are in the wheel well


This is a PINKS race...the winner of the 40 gram class gets all the 40 gram cars and the winner of the 57 gram class gets all the 57 gram cars

How to enter

Please post in this thread what color your roof will be

Where to send your cars

I'll get the ball rolling, unless some else would like to start things off

Chris Raab

9 Sherman Ridge Road

Sussex, NJ 07461

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

The first race June get them to me before then  :)

Scoring and Winning

The usual scoring...1 point per win, with an extra point for making the finals


I will be enforcing the 'Traction Event Rule' in regards to weight...I will give you 3 grams over, maximum (to allow for scale variance). Any heavier than that, and your car will be PAINTED PINK and run, but not scored. But, please, try to keep the weights at the 57g and 40g limits...Thanks!

Tracks & Dates

I will be using the Traction event penalty rule...if your car is over 3 grams too heavy, it will be painted pink, raced and not scored :)

Series tracks
  • June 4th, 2016, NJ - 72_Chevy_C10
  • June 11th, 2016, OH - 2Seven 
  • June 18th, 2016, UT - CCRider 
  • June 25th, 2016, OR - CCRider 
  • July 2nd, 2016, NJ - 72_Chevy_C10

Winners and Results

TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.

I'm in and I can host as well, can't wait! This is always a great series and with all the new guys too this should be one of the series that makes the year at RLD! Highly encourage everyone to enter, let's make it a goal for 60+ cars. Seriously, guys think about it, enter 2 cars you may have $10 in material and walk away with ALL the cars (which should be held as the greatest trophy & something to cherish).....I challenge any/all RLD racers to enter, let's make this a blow out tourney. 


Count me in on two teams!!!! Both teams will have (Emerald) Green roofs.

Thanks! Yeah, this one is a big deal to me as well! I missed the first one two years ago, and the race last year was a really good event! 

I'll be sending invitations to everyone that races on here to come join this one. Muscle Cars hold a special place in my heart, and what could be more fun than building your favorite Muscle car and pitting it against the best!

A 64 car field? How awesome would that be? 16 guys, entering 4 cars each...that's all it would take! And you've got until June to put them together!!

Let's make this one epic :)

I'm in! Blue roofs for me.

Cool! Would you like to host, CCRider?

nose in the air '64 Galaxie... yup...

 black and white checkerboard rooves for the sloppies... if un-taken...

i will host if we don't get enough hosts by series comencement...
Cool, thanks for offering to host, Smitty!

Started work on my four today my son has a team and me and my wife are a team hopefully they'll be fast

I'll can host on the 18th.

Okay, I listed 2Seven for the 11th and CCRider for the 18th....thanks for hosting, Guys! This will be one you'll really enjoy hosting!

Oh, I guess I should call Black and Orange for my roof color

I'll host June 25th. 

Thanks Keith! I added you to the first post

If anyone else wants to host, let me does not have to be limited to 5 events.

Would you consider a true WTA? I think idea of winner receiving the entire field he/she beat to be the cherry on top! Just my thought, I'm cool with whatever but getting a common car in exchange demishes the risk/reward. 


there is no greater prize than another racers car... built with blood, sweat, tears, ... that is the risk, and why the reward is so great!
I actually prefer WTA! I thought I'd just ad that as an option...I know Rally Case likes to get his cars back
yea, i give mine away anyway , but i don't care either way...

I added a note to the first post, 2Seven, that I think keeps the prizes cool, and still allows people to get their cars back, if they want. Personally, I like makes shipping really easy at the end...but,if we get more racers this way, it might be worth it.

Do you paint the hood instead for convertible muscle cars since they don't have roofs?

Yup, if you want to run a convertible, you can paint the hood (and trunk lid, if you want)

I added one more line to the rules...that's it, I promise! I was watching some fuel altered cars race yesterday, and I thought I would ad that I want to keep the wheels in the wheel wells for this race. This has never been an issue, but I just want to be as clear as I can. This is a Muscle Car race, let's not alter the wheelbase, okay?

Thanks :)

sounds reasonable enough! keep them like one might have just picked up a gallon of milk!
then ROASTED the tires at the next green intersection just for fun!!!

I'll try something a little different this time.  Going with Hot Pink


Claiming red for our entries please :)

Just so I have a running count on the colors, I'll start a list here. So far it's...

Eastbound - Emerald Green

2Seven - I assume carbon fiber or flames (?)

Smitty - Black and White checkered

CCRider - Blue

Chevy C10 - Black and Orange

JDC442 - Pink 

K & O - Red

Thanks Guys! I'll update this list as more of you chime in with the colors that you want.

Thanks C10 -maybe post this list up top??
Good idea...done! :)
not sure what my design will be just yet but I will make sure its unique to other entries, thanks!

Just a little fyi, I'll be keeping a Braggin' Rights Points race going, including this race, the Crew Chief Challenge 3 in the Autumn and one more race (maybe a new one?) In the winter to close out the year.

I'll nail down the details as things roll along. And I'll try to come up with some cool stuff to make it worth your while to win the Braggin' Rights Points for 2016. 

Fun stuff coming up, Guys!

Getting ready to paint my entries still trying to find a few sets of wheels, they're coming along great should have two finished tonight.

Remember, just paint the roofs! :)
is a 64 galaxie muscular ?
I'd say yes
Yup, you're good with a Galaxy, Smitty

Photos from the very first Bare Muscle race

Thanks for the pics, JDC! Great stuff! 

I hope we can get a big, competitive field for this year's race! 

I know it seems like a long time away, but June will sneak up on us quickly! I'm going to encourage EVERYONE to get in on this race! If you are a newby, or a seasoned veteran, build some cars for this race! It will be a big one! I'm going to be changing my track to a different location in the next few weeks, so that it should be pretty cool! 

I'm in, Met Purple please.

Metallic Purple, it is, Stalker!
It's been a while since I raced against the Stalker. Cool!
Ya just never get tired of whuppin' me ea?

Charcoal gray. I'm in

Okay, Wizard! Gray, it is!

Some additional incentives for this race...

Awarded to the highest placing Camaro, Mustang and Mopar...after the winners. In other words, if a Camaro wins one of the classes, the 5-Deep set would go to the next highest Camaro (the winner will already be getting all the cars in the class).

Just stirring the pot a little :)

What would an Olds442 get for winning? ;)
It would get the pride in knowing it was the very best Olsmobile in the field :)
Gonna be a Pontiac Trans Am running too.

Looking for the best way to remove paint for this race.   Help.      Thx.   Voxxer.  

I use the spray on stripper from Walmart it works pretty good, I put the castings on a paper plate and spray them let it sit for about 20mins, rinse them in a bucket of water and scrub with a wire brush, then run it under the sink just to make sure everything is off the casting, roll up the paper plate and toss it in the dumpster.


You can check out this older post about painting your cars. Technique still works great.

Basically same as Eastbound but I have a can of stripper rather than the spray variety.

I'm just bumping this one to the top! It promises to be a GREAT RACE! 

I'm planning on changing the location of my track this weekend, so that I can improve my videos (and reclaim my workbench!). I'll be posting more info on the revised track once I am a little further along!

Oh, and btw, I hope everyone is is starting to work on there'll want to bring your 'A Game' to this one!

A Game? I strive for mediocraty and keep plenty of D Game on hand!! LOL
yea... that target chafes my skin...
Yeah, Smitty, you are defending lightweight Champ!

Voxxer Racing - Black, White and Red Stripes  


I figure it's about time to start stirring the pot on this one...

My AMX team didn't do very well last year, so they will be getting a little extra attention this year!

Looked at the Wikipedia entry you linked to.  So, an El Camino counts if it is a Super Sport?

El Caminos have been run the first Bare Muscle race...yup, they count as Muscle Cars
I'm in, then.
Cool...let me know what color you will paint the roof...the taken colors are at the top of this thread
Black and yellow?
72_Chevy_C10 and yellow it is!

I'm most interested in aesthetics so that makes this race a stretch for me, but I am up for the challenge.  My question is, how complicated can the roof paint job be?  Can it be any design provided that the only paint used is the color(s) of each driver?  Can bare metal be incorporated in the roof design as long as the designated color(s) is included as well?

There's no real requirements for the roofs, is really just to make the cars, have at it!

I'm just bumping this to the top and letting everyone know that we are 7 weeks out from the start of Bare Muscle 3! This race has been a great race both times it has run before and promises to be even bigger this year!

Those 7 weeks will go by really fast so start stripping those Muscle Cars, Guys! 

I have some cool announcements coming up...really cool racing will be happening!

I wonder what chassis is going under this '64 Chevelle?

And, believe it or not, it ISN'T a Chrysler 300 chassis! :)

You kidding us? Lol
Nope, not kidding :)
Sorry, if I'm the one who reported this one. I was scrolling. My bad.
nope, I hit it scrolling on my phone :)

The track is coming along is still a little dark, but I'll add more light before the race...

I realized that the track is a little longer than a scale quarter mile...rather than 247.5", it is 251". But I really like it in the new is totally out of the way

looking good

Let's see if anyone can find these on the Hot Wheels Wikipedia page...


hmmm... look like early redlines with the hubs drilled out... go c10 go !

I'm in. Copper.  

Also including a PRIZE for the top placing but non-winning GTO.

Awesome, thanks! Copper, it is!

drilled rivets on a 64 Galaxy,[body], Crysler 300, [axles], and a '34 convertable, [base] ,,, axles removed, graphite applied,

needs pre spin, extra black stuff whiped off... body / base fit, weight,

....  oh and the old Gal has to get naked...

Can't miss this one. Count me in! Turquoise/Aqua with white racing stripes will be the colors.

Awesome! Aqua w/stripes it is!

I just took a look at the list of racers for this one and there are already 15 teams on-board...that is pretty awesome! And remember, each entrant can build two teams (4 cars total) if desired!

This promises to be a pretty cool event...I can't wait to start seeing some of the builds!

Would 3 cars be ok?

Two in one race one in the other?

I'll be keeping track of "team" points (for bragging rights, mainly), but, it you want to enter 3 cars, you problem

the old gal got naked for nuthin' , i found a thunderbolt...

I'm just giving this a bump to the top! I hope everyone is starting to thing about their builds! This promises to be a good one! 

Just giving this a bump to the top! 

I'm looking forward to seeing some of these builds! And, I'm looking forward to this promises to be a good one!

I've got this one nearly ready...still some stuff to do :)

Oops. Secrets out!! LOL NICE!!
What secret? Where?? lol!

I'm surprised that I haven't seen any builds for this race's getting closer.

This one will be going together in the next couple days...

I'm guessing it will be a 40 gram car...not sure, just yet

I have a question. Is a 2015 Dodge Challenger considered a muscle car? I only ask because of different opinions I'm getting cars ready and came across one in my collection and would like to use it, I just want confirmation one way or the other before I go any further with that one. Thanks

Hey Eastbound,

I can't really argue against the newer Dodges (and Camaros and Mustangs), but I would prefer that you use the more traditional Muscle Cars of the '60's and '70's. It's your call...if you have a car that you want to use, they are 'Muscle Cars' and you can use it...but I think the '69-'70 Charger/Challengers are WAY cooler than the 2015 versions :)

I agree. Better looking car, but those rear wheels being so small and close together. Very difficult
To make it speedy. Dang Hot Wheels for doing that to such an EPIC muskle car!!

Bumping this one to the top!

We are only 3 threes away, Guys! I'm hoping that all the builds are coming along! Whenever your cars are ready, you can send them in!

That looks Sweet! I always love seeing the builds for this race!

My Wife painted turn signals and taillights
nice tail lights rock, challenge is to show 'em off... go mrs. eastbound go !

Here is one of my entries 

I grabbed another light while I was at Wally World this morning to light up the start hill. Here is the test video...

It's looking about right, now I just need to get so stuff going on trackside


worked on 1 of my entries "BOLT ACTION" ...'64 Thunderbolt...

Here come the Judge! Here come the Judge!  Pics comin soon

Bare naked muscle III ... sloppy entries =  "BOLT ACTION" 57Gs... and  "THE 500" 40 Gs ...


Love the checkered lids! :)

Mrs.Eastbound tried to teach me how to do headlights,turn signals, and taillights.

All she needs now is some weight and wheels, then a trip cross country!

Weight and wheels, graphite and cross country trip tomorrow
I picked the charger my son picked the challenger with the understanding that it might not make a return trip good thing we have several

Hot pink envelope on the way to NJ!!!!!!

Cool...I'll keep an eye out for it!

J B Welded in a Viper's FTEs, glued the galaxie's body on, adding the grill and tailpan and off she goes...

Awesome, Smitty! I look forward to seeing them! :)

Sloppies - BOLT ACTION and THE 500... Waiting ...

The angle that i am hoping you all see !


Awesome, Smitty!
Nice detail work!!!!!!!

Anymore builds out there? Looking forward to this one.

I'm hoping there are a whole bunch of builds out there! I got your cars today, Eastbound...I didn't open it up, but the package looked fine. I'll check them when I get a chance.

Awesome! Check those champs out I think I have finally built some competition, we'll find out on race day, when everyone gets a good look at those taillights!

Voxxer Racing looks to be ready to roll...

Who else has some stuff ready to show?

Good lookin team right there!
vox... are those axles FTEs ?
Fordman - no, on the FTE axles.

Can't wait getting anxious for this one! There are some good looking cars out there.

getting a late start... got these stripped tonight... hope to make them racers by tomorrow morning...

It wouldn't be a Bare Muscle race without some TE cars!

There is a change in the Voxxer lineup...

Voxxer said something about the chassis being twisted on one of the Chrysler...but I think he is just foregoing that 426 Hemi for an engine that makes real power...the Mighty AMC 401!


dow... that's gotta be a 428 super cobra jet...

Count me in. I'll take green, black and brown for my roof it's not taken. Gonna try and do a camouflage pattern. 

Awesome! And Welcome!
welcome RNR... pump that iron !

Taped up a small box... has 2 bare naked contestants... i forced in a 10 pcs. set of clock maker's files,

 maybe for a second place finish or maybe the highest finishing rookie,

or send C10 a 25 word manifesto as to why you should win the files ?

prizes are up to the race co-ordinator C10 ?

pictured files have handles, the files i sent don't as they were shorter and better fit in the box...


Awesome, Smitty...I'll figure out a good home for them!
And saying "Please" 23 times and "Thank you" does not a manifesto make!! LOL

Eastbound,  Smitty and Voxxer have cars headed to New Jersey...I hope everyone else is doing their last-minute tuning! I'd hate to see anyone miss the race because of the Post Office...try to get your cars sent in soon, Guys!

If anyone needs to just paint their roof and send their cars, feel free to take red. 

Hate bugging out on you guys but you'll have to find a different host for my date. I'm not in the mood for much diecast racing stuff at all anymore.

Bummer, I hope everything is ok.
hmmm... sounds like a new girlfriend, go kno go !
No problem...I'm sure we can figure something out

mine are in the mail today... naked... paint with your choice... not sure what colors are left? or run them naked...

Cool! I'll keep an eye out!
Use my red if you'd like. Good luck!
TE. Picks "clear". !!!

mine made it as far as the arm of the chair... try and remember them wednesday...

Sounds good, Smitty!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! I know this is one of the bigger races!!  ENJOY!!!

I'm hoping more cars show up there was a lot of hype about this race
Me too...I'm sure they will start rolling in :)

My 40g is faster than my 57g...thought about building a new 57g but then figured I didn't want to upset anyone by winning both races ;)

In the mail today if Mrs. Mo remembers.  A bit more metallic brown than copper for the roof.  There's a prize for the top finishing (but non-winning) GTO that I didn't include since cars aren't being returned there's no box that C10 would already be sending you.  I'll send to the winner directly.  What is it? Something like insurance.

Looking good! I'll keep an eye out for them!
Very nice -love the paint. Rootbeer?

the sloppies don't test, but they and the prize files headed to sussex this AM...

go RLD racers go !


On their way!

Sweet! Good lookin' racers there and definitely will be fast!

The cars are starting to roll in...I got cars from Traction Event and Voxxer Racing today. I already have cars from Eastbound...and I know that cars from Fordman (Smitty), Delta 6, and Wizard of Oz are on their way.

Finkle and K & O won't be competing. And I am waiting to hear back from 2Seven, JDC442 and EconoCarl to see if they will be making the race.

I'll be off from work next week (it was already a short week and my birthday is on the 1st!), so I'll have everything ready to roll by raceday!

Keep'em coming, Guys!

... happy 75th C10...LVL laughing very lowd !
Hehe! 49th is had enough, Smitty!

Just finished these guys up. They'll be in the mail tomorrow.

The field of cars is certainly looking good
I see someone else did an easy build with the Fastback FTE.

I'm running behind, but will do my best to have them in by the 4th, even if I have to overnight 'em.

Must trust the jig!

Awesome! I'll be looking forward to seeing them!
Gettin' jiggy with it!!
magin' dat... an upsidedown 442 grill...

Two more teams showed up today...Fordman and MoHasFastCars. I haven't opened any of the boxes up because they have all looked to be in good condition. I'll start opening them and checking the cars over this weekend.

I'll be building some cars this weekend as well...I've been super lazy about getting these cars built. I guess I've been tryin to much to make speed with the bearing car!

I'll start taking some 'preview pics' one a few more teams roll in. One of the perks of getting your cars here early is that you'll see your cars in some fun pics :)

You do indeed take some cool preview shots! I like all your hauler shots!!

Done!!!  One race I'd hate to miss out on brothers!

Will ship these first thing tomorrow.


A couple 'work in progress' shots. My 'B' team is going to have a hired gun driving...a professional driver...CrzyTrkrDude! And this will be his 40 gram car...

Whereas, my 'A' 57 gram car is going to be this Nova...

Provided, that is, it has some speed. Can you guess the chassis? And no, it isn't my standard Chrysler 300 (that's under the Hemi Challenger above!)

go crazy hemi dude go...
Hey, C10, THANKS MAN!! I can hear it at the line now.... Deep growl saying. 'CudacudacudacudacudacudaCUUUUDDDDAAAAHHHHHH (SHIFT)
CUUUDDAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH(shift) CUUUDDAHHHHHHH ( sound fades as it takes the win!!!!! )
No problem,'s an M2 Cuda body that I should look good when done
I'm sure it'll make us proud!! THANKS AGAIN!????

I opened up the packages that I have so far received, and looked the cars over.  There are a couple cars pushing the weight limits, but no pink cars to report as of yet!

Good looking cars, Guys...can't wait to get the rest of the field here and run them next weekend!

I just want to be PERFECTLY CLEAR, before I run this race that everyone understands that this race is a WINNER TAKE ALL race (or, as Brian would prefer I call it, A Pink Slip race). The winner of the 40 gram class gets all the 40 gram cars and the winner of the 57 gram class gets all the 57 gram cars.

I'm pretty sure I spelled that out early on, but I want to be sure that we are all clear on this point. The reason that I bring this up is because several people have included shipping money with their cars...if this money is to help with the shipping of the cars to the winner, then I truly appreciate your help with the shipping costs.

But, if you sent shipping money, thinking that you will get your cars back, please understand that the ONLY WAY TO GET YOUR CARS BACK IS TO WIN THE RACE. If you do not want to race in a Winner Take All race and you have sent your cars in, I'm more than happy to send your cars back to you.

I apologize for having to make this overly clear, but I have had an incident in the past where I was very clear that an event was a winner take all and yet, someone wanted their cars back after the race.

I looked through the earlier posts in this thread and it looks as though some are missing in regards to this subject...I don't know where posts go...if they were removed or if they just went 'poof' for some reason. But let me say again, THIS RACE IS A PINK SLIP RACE...UNLESS YOU WIN, YOU NOT GET YOUR CARS BACK.

Thanks Guys!

I'm fine with a winner takes all race, and do remember these races being set up that way. I actually forgot this detail and sent $10 with
my cars. And you're right, there is nothing in your top post about 'winner take all' for this one. Might want to add that in
somewhere if it's gone missing. Thanks!
racing for pinks is the rule...

I understand that this is winner take all win, you have to win to get your car(s) back, I explained that to my 5yr old son as well. That's why he chose the '71 challenger because he has a million of them. Race those green roof champions!

in any case that a sloppy wins i want the cars to go to EB357s 5 year old... go lil' rascal go !
Thank you Smitty!!! He is super excited and wanted me to tell you Thank you Fordman!!!!!

Pls return cars for BM 3.     I do not want them raced.    Thx.   Voxxer.     The reason  - last minute rules changed.     

BOTH bare muscle I and II were WTA...hmmmm.
I did not race in BM1 and BM 2. ..... ummmm

Sorry about the misunderstanding, Voxxer...the posts early in this thread, talking about the race being WTA have disappeared  (and I'm pretty sure I originally had it listed that way in the rules...I don't know what happened there).

Your cars will go out tomorrow 

My 'A' team is finally set...

I couldn't find any speed in the '69 Nova  (it had a mean wiggle), so I put together a '66 Nova instead 

Looking good C10!!!
66 looks great... Nice build

I won't be participating after all. Not really interested in a WTA race. Luckily had not sent my entries yet. Good Luck.

Good luck! Didn't realize this was WTA.......not interested. 

Dropping like flies...  You guys can always build more cars...  Support the racers who support you, enter and have fun with your toys!


Two teams leave, three teams show up. Boxes from JDC442, Delta 6 and CCRIDER were on the porch when I was heading to the post office with Voxxer's cars.  I'll open them up when I get back home...the boxes looked fine.

I don't really understand not wanting to race in a WTA race, myself, since these are just Hot Wheels cars, worth a couple bucks...and chances are, the winning cars are probably just going to be going to someone's kid! But, to each there own...I'm just trying to put on fun races! And I didn't want anyone crying when they didn't get their cars back.

It's still going to be a good race, Guys...I'm looking forward to it!

No it is NOT gonna be a good race!
It is gonna be an EPIC AWESOME RACE!!!

I'm sure if you're an experienced racer you have a chance to win all the cars. If you're new and learning there really is know draw to donating your car regardless how little they cost. Pink slip races in real life are rare not common. Have fun and good luck.

I race to COMPETE...if I win, I give the cars away, or the medals or trophies...the fun part, for me is building the cars and watching them
But, that's just me :)
I race to compete as well......but I don't like midstream rule changes. Read the posts wasn't WTA when I entered.

I opened up the cars from Delta 6, JDC442 and CCRIDER...Beautiful cars, Guys! Really nice work, across the board! I'm going to work hard to do these cars justice in the pics...and Delta 6, I love the AMX (but, you probably knew that!)

Thanks man! Johnny's variation is a bit bigger than Hot Wheels.

Open Letter:

I have tried to think, of a positive way, to make my point in following post.  I figured just to be honest and let the chips fall where the may. 

I pulled out for two separate reasons.  First, for which I completely understand, some how the part that this was a WTA race went missing.  Things happen, no one died.  All Good.

Second, as most of you know, I spend at least 20 hours time, per car, that I make.  I go over, test, re-due, test again, make changes......etc.  If I need a tool to test, I make it, a good example is the Dyno I made.  I go for hours to stores, looking for specific wheels and wheels types.  I saved my receipts, for a one car race, to see how much actual dollar amount, I spent, to make a single car.  The grand total was $48.00 ish .  That was just for the wheels.  I only buy cars that I can use all 4 wheels.  That is about 198 wheels.  After MANY hours of check for balance, centered axle holes..... etc., I usually come up with about 10 - 12 actual racing wheels to use.   More testing, change wheels....test again.   If you have noticed on my wheels, I mark them... to show me that the are A+++ wheels.

The point I am making is this.   For me, and ME ALONE, the chance of loosing 4 race cars, adds up to a total around $200 for parts alone ( to replace wheels ), not including time.  So for me .. it is just a couple of bucks, does not apply.  

If the race prizes were, keep yours cars if you want.... please send in Treasure Hunts or White Lightning as substitutes...  I am all in.

I can look at this in two ways.  Some of us are crying.... or, the risk is too big.  I choose the later. 


Voxxer Racing


I totally understand, Jon. After seeing your cars, it is clear that you put a lot of work into your cars...I respect your decision to not race in this event. You'll notice that my 'bearing car' is not in the is fast, but not quite where I want it to be. So, I don't want to risk losing it just yet :)

I take full responsibility for not noticing some of the early posts were gone. And, to be honest, I forget that not everyone has been racing on here for years. The Bare Muscle Races have always been WTA races, but I shouldn't assume everyone knows apologies to everyone this has effected.

CrzyTrkrDude's 40 gram ride...

Too cool Man!!! THANK YOU for the build BROTHA!!! Cool as cool gets! Right there!

I don't know if we are get to getting any more teams, so I'm going to start the team pics tonight, when I have good light. 

Can't wait for the team pics!!!!

I was hoping for some nice natural light today, but there are some storms coming. So, I had do the team pics inside. The cars look GREAT! 

The 40 gram cars are on the left and 57 grams are on the right...

I will post the numbers and the tentative brackets tomorrow night. The cars that are here after the mail comes Saturday morning, will be the cars that run (I don't know if any others are on their way)

go c10 go !
Looking Good!!!!!!
Nice looking builds all...
I knew this was gonna be one heck of a GREAT looking batch of racers!!
Looking good fellas!

CCRIDER has agreed to do a 'double header' with the card when has them since K&O isn't going to be running them. He will run the cars two weekend in a row on two different tracks.

Thanks CCRider! 

Awesome!!!! Thanks CCRider

For those of you like me who missed that the results of the first race are in another thread :P

Here's a link to the other thread...


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